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  • Marco Rubio Net Worth

    Marco Rubio Net Worth 2018

    After losing the Republican primaries what would be Marco Rubio’s worth be in 2018? Marco Rubio is the united states senator for Florida where he is among the four Latino’s in the senate, and an attorney by profession. Before being the senator, he was the speaker of the Florida House of Representatives. In 2016 he […] More

  • Bernie Sanders Net Worth

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    Bernie Sanders Net Worth 2018

    For those who think the Vermont senator is strapped for cash, they are really wrong coz he isn’t. The popular independent candidate who catapulted into the spotlight in last American presidential contest when he sought after the Democratic presidential nomination ticket, though he was defeated by Clinton may not command the net worth that most […] More

  • Elizabeth Warren Net Worth

    Elizabeth Warren Net Worth 2018

    Elizabeth Warren is an author, a politician in the United States of America and a law professor. Today she holds the office of senior U.S Senator from Massachusetts a seat she got hold of in 2012. Before she began her political career, she was one of the most cited law professors in the discipline of […] More