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Adam Savage is a renowned actor, an animator, a television personality, special effects designer and an industrial designer. People know him from hosting the television series Unchained Reaction and MythBusters. Apart from television shows he has appeared in a number of major films such as Matrix Reloaded, Star Wars among many others.

Having worked with major films and hosting one of the highest rated television shows one might wonder exactly what’s Adam Savage worth in 2018. Well here is how Adam Savage net worth has been amassed and as a bonus I have details of a few facts you probably don’t know about Adam Savage.

Early Life

Adam Savage Net Worth 2019

Adam Whitney Savage hails from New York City where he was born in 1967. He is the son of a filmmaker and animator Whitney Lee Savage and a psychotherapist. His father directed the Mickey Mouse in Vietnam film. Savage was the fifth born in their family of six children. Savage started off acting at the age of five considering the father was in the business and some of the roles he played then are in Sesame Street, Star Wars among others.

Personal Life

Today Savage is a husband to Julia Ward whom he married in 2004. The couple has been blessed with twin sons. Savage is an atheist.


Savage has worked in a number of gigs, and some of the jobs he has undertaken are being an animator, a carpenter, a gallery owner, an animator, filmmaker, projectionist, graphic toy and set designer among many other skills. Savage has been a craftsperson of the films Space Cowboys, Galaxy Quest, The Matrix Reloaded and several other films.

He has appeared in a number of films playing various roles, and some of the films he has appeared are Ever Since the World Ended 2001, Blade Runner, Galaxy Quest, The Phantom Menace and Episode II Attack of the Clones, Ghost in the Shell, Alien Covenant, The Darwin Awards, CSI Crime Scene Investigation, The Matrix Revolutions among others.

Savage was also a lecturer at Academy of Art University based in San Francisco where he taught students advanced model making. He has also worked as a guest host for lecture events in matters related to Art. Some of the Savage other works include working as a commencement speaker, a regular guest speaker where he hosted Maker Faire in 2008 among other events.

As a host, he has been a judge of Unchained Reactions, The Adam Savage Project, and MythBusters. You will also find some of his work in Tested.Com where he is a regular contributor and an editor.

Savage is also a businessman as he is the founder of Savage Merchandising LLC which deals with selling of Mafla Bags. The business has as of today expanded to more than four countries in the world.

On award and achievements: Savage hasn’t been awarded any official award, but Savage films such as the Matrix sequels, Galaxy Quest, Star Wars among others have been awarded numerous accolades and performed well commercially.

Net Worth, Salary & Income

Adam Savage net worth is estimated to be $10 million. The source of Adam Savage total net worth is his numerous gigs in the entertainment industry. He has earned his fortune from hosting a number of television shows, being a judge in a number of programs, teaching in a university, working as a model maker for various blockbusters, a film developer, among many other gigs. He is also a businessman selling bags through the company he founded Savage Merchandising LLC which is now in four different countries.

5 Facts You Need To Know About Adam Savage.

You might have known Adam Savage from Mythbusters series or from Unchained Reaction but how much of him can you say you do know? Well here are a few things probably you don’t know about Adam Savage.

1. For more than 14 seasons of Mythbusters, Jamie Hyneman has worked with Adam Savage even though the duo don’t get along well with each other.

2. He and Jamie Hyneman aren’t friends at all.

3. He hates arguing with someone on the right thing and on facts.

4. He thinks becoming famous is a very strange and a weird phenomenon.

5. He has 77 quotes, and one of them is a Failure is always an option.

Adam Savage total worth is as a result of the hard input effort he has put in on those years he has been working. In 2018 he is still working and even doing business, and in 2019 we expect to rise on his net worth value.

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