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Jim Parsons is an actor popularly known by everybody as the neurotic scientist Sheldon Cooper in one of CBS most popular sitcoms “The Big Bang Theory,”. The narcissistic nerd character of geeky know-it-all has proven incredibly lucrative for Parsons since he is now the world’s highest-paid TV actor on comedies, thanks to $27.5 million he earned last year.

Considering now he banks around $1 million per episode which has solidified his place as the almighty comedian one might wonder what Jim Parsons net worth is in 2018? Well, let’s get to uncover Jim Parsons net worth and a few facts you probably don’t know about Jim Parsons.

Early Life

Jim Parsons Net Worth 2019

James Joseph Parsons who goes to today by his stage name Jim Parsons is the son of Judy Ann who worked as a teacher and Milton Joseph Parsons Jr. He was born in 1973 in Houston, Texas and was bred in the Spring neighborhood. He studied at Klein Oak High School where his acting talent arose. He then attended and graduated from The University of Houston and in 1999 he studied at The University of San Diego. Jim later got an opportunity to pursue acting courtesy of The Old Globe Theatre.

Personal Life

Parsons has never been in a relationship with any lady for over a decagon and doesn’t have any children since he’s gay. Mid this year is when he married his fellow gay, Todd Spiewak after being together for long.


Parsons career in acting arose when he was a young boy where he would make appearances as a child actor. He started his professional career as an employee in the Off-Broadway Filmmaking where he debuted in many TV series. He also featured in various commercials for brands like The Quiznos where he acted as a lost kid who was bred and nurtured by wolves in the forest. After his success, he got small roles in TV programs like, ‘Judging Amy’, series such as, ‘Ed’ and films like ‘School for Scoundrels’ and ‘Garden State’.

After Parsons struggled with many auditions, he finally landed a role in the debut TV series, The Big Bang Theory, leading him to his breakthrough in the industry. He chose the character Sheldon Cooper which perfectly suited him and led him to win several awards. Since then, he got many chances to appear in TV series like Family Guy 2009, iCarly 2011, Saturday Night Live 2014, SuperMansion, among others. And films such as Visions 2015, Hidden Figures 2016, and A Kid like Jake which will debut in 2018.

Jim was also acclaimed after appearing in ‘The Big Year’ alongside Jack Black, Steve Martin, Owen Wilson, and Rashida Jones. Following its release, he also appeared in the Muppets 2011 and The 2012 Harvey film. Parsons collaborated with the key figure Rihanna in 2015 and voiced the animation blockbuster, ‘Home’. He recently began anchoring his buzz show, Jim Parsons Is Too Stupid for Politics which debuted in 2017.

On awards and achievements: Jim Parsons has been awarded and nominated in many categories. Some of his accolades include Primetime Emmy Awards, Golden Globe Awards, TV Guide Awards, Teen Choice Awards and Screen Actor Guild Awards.

Net Worth, Salary & Income

Jim Parsons net worth currently stands at $85 million. Much of Jim Parson net worth has been derived from his acting career both in films and television shows. The greatest bulk of Jim Parsons net worth is CBS sitcom Big Bang Theory where he is now paid $1 million per episode as salary from its eighth season and considering its in its 11th season he has made a good chunk of money. In 2017 Parson again took the top spot as the highest earning TV actor with $27.5 million in earnings.

6 Facts You Need To Know About Jim Parsons

The Big Bang Theory has obviously boosted Jim Parsons net worth and fame as well looking at his salary which is a match to the hardware. However, there are still a few things or facts that you probably don’t know about Big Bang Theory Star Jim Parsons.

1. He is the most nervous actor on The Big Bang Theory show when it comes to filming episodes.

2. Parsons is an accomplished Pianist thanks to the lessons he took when he was 14.

3. He has never watched even one episode of Star Trek.

4. He is an openly gay man and been dating director Todd Spiewak since 2002.

5. On Big Bang Theory his most favorite character is not Sheldon but Penny.

6. He prefers to drive himself rather than being driven because he gets carsickness easily.

Jim Parsons is undeniably one of the actors who is doing really great in the world considering he started his career while still young. And since he is not showing any signs of slowing down, we expect more from him in 2018-2019.

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