Terry Crews Net Worth 2018

Terry Crews is a former professional US football player, an actor and an artist. During his time as a football player, he used to play as a defensive end and a linebacker at NFL for teams such as Los Angeles Rams, Washington Redskins, and San Diego Chargers.

As an actor he has appeared in a number of sitcoms such as Every Body Hates Chris, Are We There Yet? Craig of the Creek, Dr. Phil and he is currently on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Who Wants to be a Millionaire and films such as Terminator Salvation 2009, The Expendables 2010/ 2012/2014, The Ridiculous 6 2015, Where’s the Money 2017, Deadpool 2 2018, among others. With such a profile one might get interested in knowing Terry Crews net worth in 2018 and in addition I will reveal a few things you probably don’t know about Terry Crews below.

Early Life

Terry Crews Net Worth 2019

Terry Alan Crew was born to Terry Crew Sr. and Patricia Crew in 1968 in Flint, Michigan. He was brought up as a Christian by his mother alone since his father was an offensive alcoholic. He studied and graduated with a diploma from Flint South-Western High School. He was later given art and a football scholarship to study at Interlochen Centre for the Arts and at Western Michigan University Respectively.

Personal Life

Crews married his wife Rebecca King in 1990, and together they have four daughters namely, Naomi, Azriel, Tera, and Winfrey. Their last born child was a son called Isaiah Crews.


Crews began his career as a footballer playing for the Los Angeles Rams during the 1991 NFL tournaments. He played as the linebacker and defensive person for teams like the Washington Redskins, The Rams, The Philadelphia Eagles and The San Diego Charges. His breakthrough was when he competed in the 32 NFL tournaments where he attained an average of 38 assists and 57 tackles. In 1997, he retired from being a footballer.

Afterward, Crews pursued his passion in acting where his first movie to appear in was Battle Dome which debuted in 1999. His breakthrough came in 2002 as a result of starring in the debut film, Friday after Next alongside Ice Cube. After his success, what followed was him appearing in several other films and TV shows, such as Deliver Us from Eva 2003, Everybody Hates Chris 2005-2009, Norbit 2007, Gamer 2009, Regular Show 2013, among others. His recent ones being; Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? 2014-2015, Where’s The Money 2017, and Deadpool 2 2018.

He has also ventured into business as he owns a design firm called Amen & Amen in association with the renowned fashion artist, Nana Boating. In collaboration with Ini Archibong, the company modeled light accessories and furniture as their starter. In addition to that, Crews launched his journal in 2014 entitled Manhood: How to Be a Better Man or Just Live with One.

On Awards and Achievements as of today, Terry Crews has not been awarded yet with any accolades, but in 2017 he was recognized among the Silence Breakers during the TIME Person of the Year Awards. He has also been nominated in awards like the Teen Choice Awards 2016, Annie Awards 2013, Behind the Voice Actors Awards 2014, and the NAACP Image Awards 2016.

Net Worth, Salary & Income

Terry Crews net worth is estimated to be at $24 million. The source of Terry Crews net worth is his NFL career as a football player and his acting roles in his numerous list of films and television shows. Some of the teams which he did play for before retiring are Washington Redskins, Los Angeles Rams, San Diego Chargers among others. However on Terry Crews net worth, the highest amount of this fortune has been as a result of films and television shows, and some of the biggest blockbusters where he has earned big are Terminator Salvation 2009, The Expendables 2 3, Scary Movie 5 among others. Currently he is on the payroll of Brooklyn Nine-Nine and many other television shows.

10 Facts You Need To Know About Terry Crews

Terry Crews might be a familiar name if you’re a fan of NFL but if you aren’t then you might have met him on one of the sitcoms or in films such as The Expendables. However irrespective of your know-how on him here are a few things you probably don’t know about Terry Crews.

1. Crews owns a video game which is based on love battle.

2. He is a gifted portrait artist where he used to draw his colleague players and gross an average of $5,000 in two months.

3. Crews was once addicted to watching adult films which made him sought help in a rehabilitation centre.

4. He has a hidden talent of playing the flute.

5. Did you know that he and his son modelled a computer together?

6. In 2011, his followers made a twitter account based on his muscles.

7. did you know that Crews is an explicit feminist.

8. He is good at lip sync battles.

9. He is a lover of Overwatch.

10. Crews once worked as Ice Cube’s chaperone.

Terry Crews worth will significantly get a boost in 2019 considering he is still on Brooklyn Nine-Nine sitcom. We do look forward to all his films hoping The Expendables 4 is on the way.

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