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How much net worth does Tom Cruise have in 2018? At the age of 14 if you had attempted to approach Tom Cruise then and perhaps prophesy to him that someday he would be Hollywood’s most powerful actor, one of the very top grossing actors globally, and one of the highest paid actors in the world, probably he would have laughed off your prophecy.

Today he is all that and in addition the most sought-after actor in screen history. Among the films that have propelled Tom Cruise net worth in 2018 are movies such as the “Mission Impossible”, The Mummy”, Edge of Tomorrow”, “Jack Reacher” among many others. Here is the sweet story that showcase how Tom cruise net worth has been made.

Early Life

Tom Cruise Net Worth 2019

An American actor and producer Thomas Cruise Mapother IV professionally known as Tom Cruise was inherent in the Syracuse, New York on July 3, 1962. His mother, Mary Lee, was both a casual actress and a schoolteacher while his father Thomas Cruise Mapother III was an electrical engineer. He was bred in a Catholic childhood together with his three sisters in near hardship as they endured their derisive dad. After his parents separated, Tom together with his siblings relocated with their mother to several places including Louisville, Kentucky, and Glen Ridge. They also moved to New Jersey where her mother got remarried again. Tom’s real dad passed away in 1984 after ailing for long with cancer.


Due to his family’s frequent migration, Tom studied in almost 15 deviating schools in Canada and US. Although his education success was labored, Tom decided to study a career in skilled wrestling after outshining in athletics. His dream was cut short after a knee bruise. Tom didn’t either finish school or graduate after advancing in his acting profession.

Personal Life

In 1987, tom got into matrimony with Mimi Rogers, an actress. They later separated in 1990 wherein the same year he dated Nicole Kidman, an Australian actress, after having a good mutual attraction while acting together. The two married in 1990 in Telluride, Colorado during the Christmas Eve. The couple later adopted two kids namely Connor Antony and Isabella wherein 2001 Tom filled a divorce from his wife. His recent marriage was in May 2009 with Katie Holmes where they were blessed with a daughter (Suri), on November 18, 2006. Currently, the two are presumed not to be living together.

Professional Career

Toms acting passion was born during his high school days after he won a star in his musical high school play.
After deciding to pursue his acting career, Tom relocated to New York at the age of 18 where he used to demonstrate his acting skills in different stages prior to featuring in a film entitled ‘Endless Love’ in 1981 which also starred the legend Brooke Shields. During that same year, Tom also got a major supporting lead in a military drama film called ‘Taps’ where his acting aptitude was seen by several filmmakers and analysts including his director Harold Becker. His two movies which he featured in that same year; Risky Business and All the Right Moves became his profession maker.

Tom moiled with a prominent director in 1983 where he featured in a film entitled ‘Francis Ford Coppola’s The Outsiders’.

Although the big-budget delusion film performed poorly at the box office in 1986, Tom agitated to acclamation with hit films including ‘Top Gun’ which featured stars such as Anthony Edwards, Meg Ryan, and Kelly McGill’s. The film anchored his worth as a celebrity, and also became the highest earning in that time.

‘Cocktail’, a film which he starred in 1988, gained him a selection for the Razzie Award for Worst Actor. In July 1989, tom was ranked as a Golden Globe for Best Actor and gained an Academy Award selection after featuring in the ‘biopic’ film where he enacted as a Vietnam expert. Later that year, Tom starred in the ‘Colour of Money’ which also featured Paul Newman, a legend.

Continuing with his acting career, he also featured in consecutive films such as; Days of Thunder (1990), Far and Away (1992), The Vampire(1994), among others. His star turns in the Mission: Impossible film and Jerry Maguire led him to be recognized for his excellent acting profession. Mission: Impossible II was launched in 2000 where it was portrayed with a Kun Fu vogue after being supervised by John Woo, a director from Hong Kong. The film being a success it earned over $547 million globally and emerged the third top-most paid cinema of the year.

Being a renowned actor he has also gained several awards including; the Saturn award for best actor for the film, ‘vanilla sky’, humanitarian award from the Simon Wiesenthal Centre, Empire Award for Best Actor for Minority Report, the People’s Choice Award for Popular Male Movie Lead, MTV Generation Award, AFI Movie of the Year Award for The Last Samurai, among others.

His recent movies include; The Last Samurai (2003), Lions for Lambs (2007), Les Grossman (2008), Knight and Day (2010), Edge of Tomorrow (2014), American Made (2017) and in this year he featured in a Horror movie entitled The Mummy. The film which was launched in 2017 is the second episode in the Universal Studios’ Monsters Cinematic Universe.

Tom being a producer, he owns a showmanship company, Cruise/Wagner film Production Company in conjunction with Paula Wagner. Having produced other debut movies such as Vanilla Sky and Mission: Impossible, Tom is fulfilled to be able to assure the achievement of a billion-dollar film company. After Paramount Pictures, ended a contract with the actor in 2006, he pursued other financing companies after his production firm became fruitfully.

Net Worth, Salary & Income

Tom Cruise net worth stands at $580 million during the time of writing. This actor in 2012 emerged as the highest earning Hollywood star in 2012 and ever since he has been among the top 10 highest paid actors in the world today. Tom cruise worth of $580 million is as a result of his high grossing films which adds up to more than $9 billion in total. Some of the films that have contributed to his net worth are movies such as Mission Impossible which has made over $700 million and The Mummy, among others.

10 Things you need to know About

Most people know Tom Cruise as Ethan Hunt the IMF agent who constantly saves the world from terrorists in the Mission Impossible collection of movies. Today he has become one of the most sought-after actors in the screens and among the highest paid celebrity and actor globally. All of his films have grossed more than $9 billion globally, and he is yet to retire. So what is it that you really don’t know about Tom Cruise? Well here is a few things you don’t know about Tom Cruise.

1. Tom Cruise usually risks his life by performing death daring stunts that are real such as holding his breath for more than 6 minutes, and if you recall Mission Impossible Rogue Nation, he hangs off on a plane which is true.

2. Before he ventured into acting he wanted to be a professional wrestler, and he was really good at it, and his dream crashed when he got an injury which is fortunate for action movie fans.

3. Many celebrities usually love and even allow people to have an action figure, or a video game character modeled in their likeness, but when it comes to Tom Cruise, he has prohibited everyone from doing so.

4. We know Tom Cruise as a hero in many of his films but even in real life he is as he once paid a medical bill worth $7000 to a victim of hit and ran who didn’t have insurance and took the victim to a hospital that’s 1996 and in 1998 helped a woman who was being mugged.

5. In all his films there is none that he has ever played a superhero. He was once approached to join marvels Universe but declined.

6. If you thought Tom Cruise as an actor who fakes a stunt piloting a plane your wrong since he can actually pilot a plane and he has a pilot license too.

7. Due to his family health problems, Cruise together with his mother and sisters ailed from dyslexia making his intellectual success hard.

8. He wanted to turn into a priest at the age of 14 after mustering in a Franciscan Seminary where he later departed after a year.

9. Tom had affairs with veteran women in the 1980s including; Patti Scialfa, Cher and also with Rebecca De Moray, who was three years older than him.

10. Having a huge fan base in Japan the actor has his individual holiday in that country known as the “Tom Cruise Day” where people celebrate him.

Acknowledging his Scientology Church for assisting him in surviving dyslexia, Tom got affiliated with its social affairs and also became its supporter. Living a religious life, Tom desired to emerge a priest although he was loomed to become an actor where he became the top-most grossed in his generation. Being the most famous leading character in his time, he was regarded to be both gifted and handsome because of his good complexion and talent.

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