Larry Bird Net Worth 2018

Wondering what Larry Bird worth is in 2018? Larry Bird is a retired professional basketball player, a former head coach of the Indiana Pacers and a basketball executive. He is regarded as one of the greatest basketball players of all time and to affirm his legacy he is the only person in NBA to have ever been named Executive of the year, Regular Season MVP, Rookie of the year, Coach of the year and Finals MVP.

Recently he stepped down from the role of President of Basketball Operations for the Pacers in 2017. So, how much fortune has Larry Bird amassed to date? Well here is a detailed Larry Bird net worth value in 2018 and a list of things you probably don’t know about Larry Bird.

Early Life

Larry Bird Net Worth 2019

Larry Joe Bird was born in the state of Indiana in West Bade Springs in 1956. He is one among five other children of Claude Joseph Bird and Georgia. Larry went to school at Springs Valley High School where he became the School’s all-time Scoring leader.

Personal Life

On his personal life Bird is a husband to Dinah Mattingly and father of two adopted children and one biological child from his first marriage with Janet Condra, a high school classmate.


After high school completion and doing well on basketball Bird got a scholarship to join Indiana University and play college basketball for Indiana Hoosiers men’s basketball team. He dropped in less than a month and enrolled in Northwood Institute which is normally referred today as Northwood University. He didn’t stay there for long and would transfer to Indiana State University which is located in Terre Haute in 1975 where he became the member of Indiana State Sycamores men’s basketball. For the very first time in their history, they made it to NCAA tournament and even reached championship games where he met “Magic” Johnson, and their rivalry started then. Even though Bird didn’t win any championship with the team, he was Naismith College Player of the Year and one of the greatest players in the university history.

Bird professional career kicked off when he was the 6th pick in the 1978 NBA draft where he was selected by Boston Celtics. He signed a contract worth $3.2 million with the team that made him the highest paid rookie in the league history back then, and this sign up trigged a rule today known as Bird Collegiate Rule.

When he joined the Celtics, he took them for the first time in their history at Eastern Conference then led the team at Conference Finals where they lost to Philadelphia 76ers. In 1980-1981 season under Birds leadership, Boston Celtics beat 76ers in the Conference Finals to advance to the Finals where they beat Houston Rockets and won the Championship. In 1982 All-Star Game, he won the All-Star Game MVP Award. He won the Championship again with Boston Celtics in the 1984-1985 season and 1985-1986 season. Bird retired as an NBA player in 1992 after he won the men’s basketball gold medal in 1992 with his “Dream Team” (United States basketball team) in the 1992 Olympics held in Barcelona.

After his retirement, he was employed by Celtics as a special assistant in the team’s front office where he worked between 1992 and 1997. He would then join Indiana Pacers as their coach. During his time with Indiana Pacers, he took the team to Eastern Conference finals and named the NBA Coach of the Year. Success followed him as he led the team in winning two consecutive Central Division titles and a berth in 2000 NBA Finals. He resigned as the Pacers coach in 2000 and 2003 became Pacers president of basketball operations. He resigned from the president of basketball operations in 2017 but still acts on the advisory capacity.

On awards and achievements: Received by Larry Bird some of his honors are 3× NBA champion (1981, NABC Player of the Year (1979), 1984, 1986), 2× NBA Finals MVP (1984, 1986), Oscar Robertson Trophy (1979), 3× NBA Most Valuable Player (1984–1986), 12× NBA All-Star (1980–1988, 1990–1992) Adolph Rupp Trophy (1979), 2× MVC Player of the Year (1978–1979), John R. Wooden Award (1979), NBA Coach of the Year (1998), NBA Executive of the Year (2012) among many others.

Net Worth, Salary & Income

Larry Bird net worth stands at $70 million. The Source of Larry Bird net worth fortune is his basketball player career earnings which are estimated to be at $26 million. Another source of Larry Bird net worth value is his Coaching career with Indiana Pacers and also as the president of basketball operations. He has been on the court as a player, a couch, and an executive president from 1979 to 2017 when he called it a day although he is still serving on advisory capacity in Indiana Pacers.

6 Facts You Need To Know About Larry Bird

With 3 NBA Championships, 3 MVPs, 2 Finals MVP, 12 All-Star appearances, an NBA All-Star Game head coach, and an NBA Executive of the year, all that makes Larry Bird a legend in the NBA history. However, we have listed a few things you probably don’t know about Larry Bird.

1. He is the only person in NBA to have ever been named Executive of the year, Regular Season MVP, Rookie of the year, Coach of the year and Finals MVP.

2. He is one of the known trash talkers in NBA.

3. He grew up in a low-income family and poverty was an issue in their family and its poverty that made him desire to succeed just to escape it.

4. His father killed himself by shooting himself with a gun on the head.

5. He once worked as a garbageman.

6. Did you know that the rivalry between Bird and Magic Johnson was documented in a documentary called magic & Bird: A Courtship of Rivals and even turned to a Broadway play?

Looking at Larry Bird net worth fortune, you will see how much of a legend Larry is, and no one can dispute he is one of the greatest players, couches and even executive personnel in NBA history.

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