Johnny Manziel Net Worth 2018

Johnny Manziel is an American football quarterback who as of January 2018 has become a free agent. You may have known him from Cleveland Browns a team within the National Football League where he has played for two seasons.

Though currently, he is unemployed, the lightning rod remains a source of intrigue amid football fans. However, Manziel has been hemorrhaging money in all directions on booze and coke-fueled lifestyle which brings in the question what’s today’s Johnny Manziel net worth figure as of 2018 and what other dirty secrets don’t you know about Johnny Manziel.

Early Life

Johnny Manziel Net Worth 2019

Jonathan Paul Manziel better known as John Manziel was born in 1992 in Tyle, Texas. He is the son of Paul Manziel and Mitchell Liberato. He was raised as an Italian by his rich family who owned a petrol company. He attended Tivy High School and Texas A&M University under a scholarship where he concentrated more on football and baseball. John is living a low-key life away from the public eye; however, we know that he recently ringed his girlfriend, Bre Tiesi earlier this year.


John Manziel career in football started off when he was young, but we can say it started shaping up when he was in high school where he played like a novice. In his first year, he was named as the Offensive Player of the Year as he passed the division with 2,903 yards, rushed 1,544 yards, received 152 yards and 55 touchdowns. John continued to show his skills in the games as he championed in many challenges and gained the Mr. Texas Football Prize in 2010. Due to his massive success, he was offered by brands like Baylor and Stanford to be matriculated after his high school where he used to play for the Aggies.

After being sponsored to University, his breakthrough came when he achieved 577 and 576 yards and emerged the first player in SEC history to have two games over 500 yards in a single play. After his success he competed and won in several other championships like; Most Passing Yards in a game, First Texas A&M quarterback to have multiple 3,000-yard seasons, The Most Rushing Touchdowns in a single season and many more. Being also a baseball player, he played for the A&M team and was once recognized as a stop in the major league baseball outline in 2014.

He started his professional career in 2014 after getting in the NFL draft where he finished 64 of 66 wins to 6 different recipients. His other success since then included; in 2015 when he won against Travis Benjamin and finished 8 of 15 passes for 2 touchdowns and 172 yards and in November, he was declared as the quarterback in all the plays. His final success was when he won 24-10 against San Francisco 49ers after finishing 21 of 32 passes for 1 touchdown and 270 yards. In 2016, he was released by the Browns after his last game.

On Awards and Achievements: Manziel has won a Manning Award, Davey O’Brien National Quarterback Award, Heisman Trophy, Sporting News Player of the Year (2012), SEC Offensive Player of the Year (2012), Consensus All-American (2012), 2× First-team All-SEC (2012, 2013) and many others.

Net Worth, Salary & Income

John Manziel net worth stands at $4 million as of now. Most of his income was realized from his football career where he was remunerated for playing. However, in 2016, his net worth went on a downfall due to his legal troubles and bankruptcy. Another source if John Manziel net worth has been brand endorsement deals and real estate investments not forgetting the family oil business as well.

6. Facts You Need To Know About John Manziel

Although he is among the most famous and polarizing footballers to ever play college sports, I think it’s time we get to talk what went so wrong with Manziel and what other secrets probably don’t you know about Johnny Manziel?

1. There was so much interest in him to an extent CBS had a designated camera which only focused on him during a match with Alabama. And that set the record since no other athlete has ever been pinpointed on.

2. He is not just good at football, but he has awe-inspiring skills with golf as well.

3. Although he is good at football today, initially he used to be in love with baseball.

4. His height might be under six feet, but the man has some gigantic feet as he wears a shoe size no 15.

5. In addition to his feet being huge, the man has massive paws; his hands are just huge.

6. Back in high school, he lost a bet to his dad that required him to stay out of alcohol. That saw his father take away his car.

John Manziel worth is just a reflection of how much he has squandered his money but we hope in this 2018 things will turn around in a positive way for him.

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