Bam Margera Net Worth 2018

Bam Margera has made himself a household name through his multifaced career revolving in radio and television, a stuntman though many people know him for skateboarding Skills. Margera fame shot up high when he made an appearance on Jackass crew, and it wasn’t long before his star shined more when he appeared in Minghags, Bam’s Unholy Union, all the three Jackass films and others.

With all his fame one might wonder what’s Bam Margera net worth in present year 2018? To answer you in a comprehensive manner, scroll down and get to read Bam Margera worth and a few facts or things you probably don’t know about Bam Margera.

Early Life

Bam Margera Net Worth 2019

Brandon Cole Margera was born in 1979 in West Chester, Pennsylvania to Phil Margera and April Cole. He is related to Jess Margera who is his brother and Vincent Margera his nephew. Bam studied at East High School where he was influenced to study by his ally, Chris Raab.

Personal Life

His first matrimony was with Jenn Rivell who later divorced in 2005. He then wedded his long-term ally, Melissa Rothstein in 2006 and they split in 2012 due to Bam’s alcoholism. He is currently married to Nicole Boyd, and they bore a baby boy, Phoenix Wolf.


Bam Margera career kicked off after he started to take videos of himself together with his friends while doing stunts and skate ridding leading them to release an array of videos known as CKY. The acronym CKY means ‘Camp Kill Yourself’ which starred most of his friends including Rake Yohn, Brandon Novak, Brandon Dicamillo and Ryan Dunn and they released the series up to CKY 4. Due to his debut videos, he caught the eyes of Jeff Tremaine, a big brother worker who introduced him into acting. After his success, he appeared in the Jackass Series and other movies which led him to prominence. In 2010, he was featured in a TV program, ‘Bams World’ where he played in skateboarding competition with some of his friends.

On his skating career, Bam was endorsed in 1997-1998 by Toy Machines Skateboards, and in 2001, he joined The Team Element which consisted of other skateboarders but later withdrew in 2016. As of today, Bam is a former skateboarder following his retreat earlier this year. Some of the movies he has produced and released include Haggard 2003, Kiss a Good Mans Ass, Minghags and Where the #$&% Is Santa, a Christmas blockbuster which debuted in 2008. As a video guide, he has directed music including ‘The Sacrament’, ‘Buried Alive’, ‘And Love Said No’ and ‘Solitary Man’.

Bam being a director, started working on a documentary, ‘I Need Time To Stay Useless’ in 2015 which was based on his personal life and the life of his colleague and friend, Ryan Dunn who passed away in 2011 due to an accident. The film was launched in 2016, and renamed, ‘Earth Rocker’. Being a skateboarder, he has also been featured in several animation games such as Underground 1& 2, Pro Skaters 3 &4, Project 8 among others. Bam has also written a personal book namely, ‘Serious as Dog Dir’ which debuted in 2009.

On awards and achievements: Bam hasn’t been awarded any official award but among his achievements is crafting a very successful career making him one of the richest skateboarders in the world.

Net Worth, Salary & Income

Bam Margera net worth stands at $50 million. The greatest source of Bam Margera net worth is his numerous gigs ranging from television shows, filmography, radio talks, video games, skateboarding career and through some music as well.

5 Facts You Need To Know About Bam Margera

You may have known him as a professional skateboarder, but probably you know him as one of the members of legendary jackass crew members but how much do you about him. Well here are a few facts you probably don’t know about Bam Margera.

1. He has a club in suburban Pennsylvania.

2. He once tried to be an author releasing a book titled Serious as Dog Dirt in 2009, but it didn’t work out

3. In January 2018 he checked into rehab after he got arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol

4. He is addicted to alcohol

5. He was once attacked using a baseball by a woman for calling her nigger back in 2010.

Bam Margera worth just shows you how talent can earn you some decent money if you can utilize it well. We hope he will check out of a rehab a reformed man.

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