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Michael Phelps is not only the most decorated Olympian of all time but also the most successful swimmer we have come to see in our time. With over 28 medals to his cabinet, the man has carried the United States of America flag high for 15 years until he retired for the second time in 2016.

Michael has 39 world records surpassing the previous record that Mark Spitz set. He has won the most Olympic gold medals, and Olympic medals than any other individual and that leave the question, such a champion with all these decorations what’s Michael Phelps net worth as of the current year 2018? Here is how Michael Phelps net worth came to be.

Early Life

Michael Phelps Net Worth 2019

Michael Fred Phelps II was born on 30th June 1985 to Deborah Sue, who was into teaching, and Michael Fred Phelps an all-rounded athlete and a detached state trooper who used to play football in high school. He is not the only son of his parents as he has two older sisters; Whitney (born in 1978) and Hilary (born in 1980) whom they were fostered together in Towson, Maryland.

Through their father who influenced their pursuit in sports, the siblings started swimming at an early age where Hilary culled out of sports while Whitney continued for a longer stretch after obtaining ingress in the US Olympic team in 1996. Phelps went to several schools among them Townson High School, where he graduated in 2003 at the age of 9, and by then his parents had already divorced, and the father remarried again.

Personal Life

After Phelps and Nicole Johnson, a former Miss California USA, met in 2007 at the ESPYs, they secretly got married on June 13, 2016. They have a son, Boomer Robert Phelps born on May 5, 2016, and the family currently resides in Phoenix.


Starting his swimming career at the age of seven, he comprehended backstroke by first floating in the pool being afraid of water, where he soon prevailed. Professionally he started his career in 1996 after scrutinizing Tom Malchow and Tom Dolan battle in Summer Games in Atlanta. Under bob Bowman, the swimmer took his delicacy as Bob started an aggressive training schedule on him after seeing Phelps aptitude.

Becoming the youngest players in 2000, he earned himself a foundation in the Summer Olympics. He transpired the world record in the 200-meter butterfly at the age of 15 emerging as the youngest male swimmer at any rate to get a swimming world record. Breaking his own record in the 200-meter butterfly championship at 2001 World Championships, Phelps inspired to battle with himself to bring out his best rather than competing with his colleagues.

In 2002 Pan Pacific Championships he set an American record and went ahead to win two silvers and three gold medals. By giving over his butterfly support to Ian Crocker who was his limited rival but currently his friend, he did a remarkable thing after his 7th race. He was applauded personally in 2008 by Mark Spitz after his achievement in Beijing China when he got his seventh gold where his other gold medals were set in the 1972 Olympic Games, at Munich, Germany. Breaking many worlds records, Phelps powerfully got home three gold medals and two silver medals at the main event.

His championships include; 200-meter freestyle, the 200-meter backstroke, and the 100-meter butterfly in 2003 where the following year he became the only American to win 200 and 400-meter individual medley, 100 and 200-meter butterfly, 200-meter freestyle, and 200-meter backstroke. Becoming the second-best performer at a single Olympics, the legend won six gold and two bronze medals at the 2004 Olympics. Creating a jeering 39 world archives, 29 in individual’s games and 11 in the group he became the only swimmer to earn this achievement. In addition, the Olympian was ranked for having the ultimate number of Olympic gold medals (23), the only Olympian with 13 gold medals in distinctive events and the only Olympian to conquest eight gold medals in a distinguished Olympic Games. Although he wanted to retire in 2012, his recent achievement was at the 2016 Rio Olympics where he gripped his general Olympics medal count to 28 in addition to his other 23 gold medals.

In summary Michael Phelps participated in all of these events which are 2003 World Championships, 2004 Summer Olympics, 2005 World Championships, 2006 Pan Pacific championships, 2007 world championships, 2008 Summer Olympics, 2009 world championships, 2010 pan pacific championships, 2011 world championships, 2012 summer Olympics 2015 US Nationals and 2016 Summer Olympics.

Net Worth, Salary & Income

As of now, Michael Phelps Net Worth is at $60 million gaining most of his money from his swimming career. Achieving many gold and silver medals, he procured $7 million per annum in Beijing through superscription. The Olympic legend used to swim a handful laps for a small gravy of $100,000 at parties in order to make some cash. Receiving $1 million dividend for his excellent achievement from his sponsor Speedo, the 32-year old expended the money to launch the Michael Phelps Foundation, which aids kids get into swimming. His success continued after winning medals worth $12 million in annual advocacy in the years following the games. Due to his success he has been sponsored by major brands whom have added a chunk to his net worth such corporate sponsors are Visa, Intel, Beats, Power Bar, Omega, Subway Under Armor and Speedo. After being successful, he acquired a lavish Newport Beach at $6 million, which is a seaside villa after selling his Baltimore home in 2009 for $1.5 million. His net worth invents him the fifth-richest Olympic athlete in the world.

10 Things You Don’t Know About Michael Phelps

The Bullet from Baltimore considered the greatest swimmer and the most successful Olympian of all time who has dominated for 16 years breaststroke, butterfly and backstroke is the most decorated athlete alive. Probably you know he has on his trophy cabinet a total of 28 Olympic Gold medals and beat “The Shark’’ Spitz record but what else do you know about him except these few things and of course Michael Phelps net worth of $60 million. Well, here are ten things you don’t know about Michael Phelps.

1. At the Age of 9, Michael Phelps has had Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder a condition that is usually common to children. He overcame the disorder through medication and therapy, but the most effective way was to channel his energy on swimming.

2. While Michael Phelps has around 3.3 million followers on Instagram his son Bommer Robert Phelps who was born on 2016 May has around 800K followers on Instagram.

3. I can bet you know that Michael Phelps is just a swimmer but did you know he is an author too? Michael has two autobiographies titles “Beneath the Surface” and “No Limits The Will to Succeed”.

4. When you take a trip to his hometown Baltimore, you will find a street named Michael Phelps Way which was named in 2004 but we get it he is a legend.

5. Michael Phelps has an emoji app as well joining the likes of Kim Kardashian and the rest of the celebrities you might think of. The app has more than 100 emojis you might want to look at it.

6. In 2008 during the Olympics training he used to take 12,000 calories per day to sustain his training and his daily routine consisted of eating, sleeping and swimming. At least that what’s he told NBC in 2008.

7. Phelps son is called Boomer Robert Phelps but why the Robert? His middle name is in honour of his former coach Bob Bowman

8. In 2009 there was a photo of him going rounds which captured him smoking a bong of which we didn’t know whether he was really smoking marijuana or what though he later would say that was a “big mistake”.

9. Michael hates snakes, and this was a result of when he was a little boy he once picked rock in the yard a hissing snake popped out, and this memory would recur as a nightmare more often.

10. Just like any other swimmer Phelps pees too in the pool. He was once interviewed by the wall street journal whether he did it and said everyone does it’s kind of common and it’s not bad

His purpose to excel his own records and change the way swimming was considered upon as a sport by people dignified him from his generation and colleagues. Conveying himself in the spotlight and achieving in sports at national and international levels, the talented swimmer escalated the success ladder gaining his goals. Michael Phelps is a racing shark who dives into the pool and comes out with a once in a continuance fulfilment. Being the most honoured Olympian and the most portrayed athlete, Phelps has learnt to crack the approach as well as making it a daily routine.

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