Gabe Newell Net Worth 2018

Did you know Gabe Newell now is one of the 100 richest people in America? He has been placed at position 97 on the Forbes 400 list of the richest people in America which is surprising considering in 2013 Gabe Newell net worth was around $1.1 billion. The video games billionaire has made his fortune from Valve Corporation a game development and digital distribution company which he co-founded and owns half of the stake in it today.

Now that Gabe Newell net worth in 2018 is higher than Oprah Winfrey net worth and Donald Trump net worth we shall just get down and highlight how he made a turnaround on his fortune in just four years. In addition to Gabe Newell net worth, we shall reveal to you things you probably don’t know about Gabe Newell as well.

Early Life

Gabe Newell Net Worth 2019

Gabe Logan Newell was born in 1962 in the state of Seattle. Newell attended Davis Senior High School and after graduation joined Harvard University in 1980 though in 1983 dropped to work for Microsoft as one of the producers of Windows Operating System.

Personal Life

Gabe is married to Lisa Mennet Newell since 1996, and the couple has two children. He once suffered from Fuchs dystrophy, but he got two cornea transplants in 2007 which cured him.


Newell after dropping out of Harvard University he joined Microsoft in 1993 to work for them as a producer of Windows operating systems. He produced windows 1.01, 1.02 and 1.03 the thirteen years he spent on the company.

In 1996 he left Microsoft and founded Valve L.L.C together with another Microsoft employee Mike Harrington. Valve Corporation today is a video game developing company and a digital distributing company.

The two partners funded the development of Half-Life and GoldSrc game engines which turned out to be a significant success. The company is also the owner of the digital distribution platform known as Steam which offers DRM, social net networking services, video streaming and gaming services. The platform today is the largest digital distribution platform for personal computer gaming and has over 150 million registered accounts. The total purchases of titles through Steam is around $4.3 billion.

Some of the video games owned by Valve include Day of Defeat series, Half-Life series, Dota 2, Counter-Strike series among several others. The company is said to gross around $100 million annually and is valued at $3 to $4 billion.

On awards & achievements, Gabe Newell has won GDC Pioneer Award, Academy Fellowship award, and 2 BAFTA Games Awards. He has also won Game Developers Choice Award as well in 2005.

Net Worth, Salary & Income

Gabe Newell net worth is at $5.5 billion. Gabe Newell net worth places him at position 97 in the list of the 100 richest Americans in 2018. Just the other day in 2013 Gabe Newell net worth was $1.1 billion, and in 2017 it was around $4.1 billion rising more than Donald Trumps. The source of Gabe Newell fortune is his company Valve Corporation which is in the business of selling games. Steam the digital distribution developed by Newell Company Valve is the largest digital distribution platform for personal computer games in the world and on titles alone the company has been able to make around $4.3 billion out of its 150 million users. Newell owns half of the Valve company hence he makes a good amount of money

Five facts you need to know about Gabe Newell

Gabe Newell is the deity of the world of games, and about 150 million fans look up to him for something to enjoy virtually. Though there isn’t much known about him, I have the pleasure to give you just a few things you probably don’t know about Gabe Newell.

1. One of the things he regrets most is not being part of the team that developed Half-Life game since there some things he regrets about.

2. Do you know Newell is the man who ported Doom to windows?

3. Have you heard of a billionaire who is a knife collector? Newell has a collection of over 600 knives which is a weird hobby.

4. Among all his games, his most favorite is Portal 2. He loves playing Dota 2.

5. He totally dislikes gaming consoles such as PS3.

Gabe Newell net worth in 2019 will, of course, be higher than what we have today because he has taken 75% of the gaming market. We hope he will keep developing more games and we look forward to releases.

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