Larry Ellison Net Worth 2018

Larry Ellison is the co-founder, a former CEO of the giant tech company Oracle Corporation, a businessman and currently the Executive Chairman and Chief technology officer of the company. Larry Ellison net worth value has made him become the fifth wealthiest person in the USA and the eighth richest globally.

Larry being a billionaire who owns a quarter of Oracle Corporation shares one must wonder exactly what Larry Ellison net worth in 2018 and how has he acquired it and to spice up things I have thrown in some few facts you possibly don’t know about the 8th wealthiest person in the world.

Early Life

Larry Ellison Net Worth 2019

Lawrence Joseph Ellison hails from New York City where he was born in 1944. He is the son of an American/Italian dad who worked as a pilot and his single mother who came from the Jewish dynasty. As a baby, he was adopted after ailing from pneumonia and got to meet his organic mum at the age of 48. He pursued his education at the University of Chicago and at the University of Illinois where he did not graduate but went on to do various works.

Personal Life

Ellison has been in matrimony with four women. The marriages included; in 1967 with Adda Quinn up to 1974, in 1977 with Nancy Wheele up to 1978, in 1983 with Barbara Boothe up to 1986 (they had two children together), and his last marriage was with Melanie Craft in 2003 up to 2010.


Ellison began his career at Amdahl Corporation, and later he worked for Ampex Corporation where he was dealing with databases. He got his ‘Oracle’ inspiration from the company and later established Software Development Laboratories in 1977 in collaboration with two other people. They renamed it to Relational Software, and in 1982, they settled with the name Oracle System Corporation. Due to bad management and marketing skills, the company almost went bankrupt and fired about 400 employees. In 1997, Ellison was offered to be a director of the Apple Company but resigned later since he couldn’t manage two companies.

After the fall of their opposing companies, Oracle monopolized in those years until late 1990 were when Microsoft debuted with their own called SQL server. Nowadays the company’s rivals in terms of selling are mostly Linux and UNIX.

Ellison resigned from being the CEO of Oracle Company in 2014, and he is now the managing chairman and the lead technician of the company. Recently, Oracle purchased Net-suite in 2016 where Ellison owns a share of 35% of the company.

Awards & Achievements: For his work in business, Ellison has been recognised as The Entrepreneur of the Year in the classification of Technology, and he has been inducted into the Academy of achievement based in Washington. Larry achievements are he is also listed as the 8th Richest Person globally and the 5th in America.

Net Worth, Salary & Income

Larry Ellison net worth stands at $58 billion as of the day of writing. It’s reported that Larry Ellison annual salary is $41.5 million. His net worth value has been largely contributed by his company where he grossed over $94 million over the years. Back in 2017, Larry Ellison net worth fortune was at $61.8 billion but following a loss of $2 billion in December 2017 he has seen a reduction in his overall net worth value. His valuable assets include his lavish cars (Lexus, Acura NSX, McLaren F1 and Audi R8), his two private jets, and residential homes in various locations. He also owns a tennis garden which he acquired in 2009.

7 Facts You Need To Know About Larry Ellison.

Several years ago Oracle was on the verge of collapsing, and today the company is around $182 billion and stands in position 18 in the list of world’s most valuable brands and 59 in the list of the best employer globally. Here are some unknown interesting facts about the 8th richest person in the universe.

1. Oracle nearly went bankrupt in the 1990s, and Larry almost lost everything back then.

2. Do you know who was his photographer during his fourth wedding ceremony with Melanie Craft? It’s Steve Jobs.

3. He has two military jets because he is a licensed pilot.

4. 98% of Hawaiian island of Lanai is owned by him.

5. Do you know Golden Gate Warriors and New Orleans Hornets NBA teams? These are two teams he has tried to buy in the past without success.

6. He was got into trouble with the City of San Jose just because his plane was too big and the city forbids planes weighing above 75,000 lbs.

7. His yacht Rising Sun was built with on a budget of more than $200 million.

Larry Ellison is also a philanthropist who has signed The Giving Pledge where he will be giving out 1% of his total wealth. But registering a drop of $2 billion is nothing, so we expected in 2019 Larry Ellison net worth to increase further.

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