Mark Cuban Net Worth 2018

Mark Cuban who hails from the United States of America can best be described as an author, Philanthropist, television personality, an investor, and generally, one of the best businessmen there is on the planet. He is a self-made billionaire and a proud owner of NBA’s Dallas Mavericks, co-owns the AXS TV, Magnolia Pictures, Landmark Theaters among other numerous businesses.

He has been ranked among the 250 wealthiest people in the united states of America and among the richest 400 billionaires in the world. Mark Cuban net worth as of 2018 is in billion and if you’re wondering how Mark Cuban net worth amounts to such a huge fortune here is his journey to prosperity.

Early Life

Mark Cuban Net Worth 2019

Mark Cuban hails from Pittsburg Pennsylvania and as of today he is 59 years of age as he was born in 1958. He is the son of Norton Cuban and Shirley Cuban. Marks mother had different jobs while his father worked as a motor trimmer or rather an automotive upholsterer who spent most of his life working at a car shop. Mark Cuban was brought up Mount Lebanon though they later emigrated from Russia and they saw the grandfather revise the family name to “Cuban” though initially it was “Chabenisky”. His grandparents hailed from Romania and were Jewish. He went to Mount Lebanon High School at Pennsylvania and skipped his senior year where he joined the University of Pittsburgh and took psychology classes. He later transferred and graduated in 1981 from Indiana University with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration.

Personal Life

In 2002, Cuban married Tiffany Stewart, his longtime girlfriend. They live in Dallas together with their children Alexis, 11 Alyssa, 9 and their last born son Jake, 6. He met his wife who is 14 years younger than him in 1997 at the gym before he became a billionaire. They have been together for about 20 years as they dated for five years before marrying each other.


At the age of 12, Cuban started selling garbage bags in order to buy expensive basketball shoes. He used to run newspapers from Cleveland to Pittsburgh after the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette strike at the age of 16. Mark enrolled in a university instead of attending senior high school. During these days he had many jobs such as dancing in a disco, being an instructor, bartender and a party promoter.

After graduation he studied machines and networking and got a job with Mellon Bank. Cubans other job in 1982 was being a bartender where he later became a salesperson for software. After being fired, mark instituted his own company called Micro solutions which was a software development and systems integration company. He later sold his company in 1990 to CompuServe for $6 million and after taxes were removed he had $2 million profit.

In 1995 Mark Cuban and Todd Wagner who was a fellow alumni of Indiana University combined efforts and established the and just in 4 years the company was making revenues of $13 million and this attracted interest from interested buyers and they surrendered it to Yahoo for $5.7 billion. The sale of marked the beginning of the success of Cuban as he invested his money on Gulfstream V jet parting with $40 million and this transaction made his name appear in the Guinness book of record for having transacted the most enormous single e-commerce transaction. He would later in 2003 invest his money in 2929 Entertainment, Landmark Theatres, and even co-founded AXS TV which was the very first high definition satellite television network in the world.

As as smart investor Cuban net worth has been boosted by startups and a number of businesses he has invested his stake on such as he owns IceRocket, invested in Brondell Inc, Sirius Satellite Radio,, among others. Its reported that as of 2017 he had invested his money to more than 85 deals which amount to $19.9 million through Shark Tank. He also owns Magnolia Pictures and Dallas Mavericks which he purchased in the year 2000 for $285 million. Apart from the business, he loves acting as he has been into so many television series such as The Simpsons Episode 2008 “The Burns and the Bees”, 2013 The Neighbours, 2014 The American Dad, 2014 Bad Teacher, 2016 Girl Meets World, 2017 Fast N’Loud, 2017 Billion TV series among others.

Net Worth, Salary & Income

Mark Cuban net worth is $3.7 billion. He is in the billionaires list at No.527 and No. 198 worldwide and in the US respectively. Most of his money comes from investments and his many businesses. He also gets some money form the reality show “shark tank” and also the fact that he invests some raises his net worth too. Mark Cuban Net worth has reached to such heights due to his investments and his entrepreneurial behavior. As of today, he owns the stake in Airline business, Sports franchise; others are Magnolia pictures, AXS TV Dallas Mavericks, Landmark Theaters, and many other numerous startups

6 Things you don’t know about Mark Cuban.

There is so much you might not have known about Mark Cuban even though you know Mark Cuban net worth is $3.3 billion. Here are some interesting facts about Mark Cuban.

1. He used to sell garbage bags door to door at an early age in order to buy himself expensive basketball shoes.

2. While at his teenage he just didn’t do fancy jobs, but Mark Cuban wasn’t either the type who chooses which jobs to take nor leave he did take pretty everything as when he was in high school he was once a bartender, disco dancing instructor, and a party promoter.

3. He holds a Guinness book of record after selling his company known as to Yahoo for $5.7 billion and also for making the largest e-commerce transaction.

4. You don’t think Mark Cuban can dance well he was a dancer and once participated in a contest on a TV show but did not win.

5. At the age of 21, he had a bar though he was busted.

6. Do you know what he hates most something that drives him crazy? Those people who have the behavior of eating while their mouths are open

Cuban is also an investor on “shark tank” a reality program on TV. In the show, he has invented in 85 deals a total of $19.9 million. His top deals are; Ten Thirty-One Productions, Rugged Maniac Obstacle Race, and Beat Box Beverages which he invested with $1 million each.

He has also been involved in politics after donating $7,000 to campaigns in 2012 and even criticized the Republican presidential now the president of U.S. He admires Ayan Rand who is a philosopher and an author of the novel “The Fountainhead” which encourages him to, take risks to reach his goals and think as an individual.

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