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Paul Allen is an investor, a humanitarian and a business magnate. He co-founded software giant alongside his friend Bill Gates in 1975. Today the billionaire has a multi-billion-dollar investments portfolio which comprises of real estate holdings, media company’s technology companies among other stakes in different companies.

Paul Allen’s owns Portland Trail Blazers and Seattle Seahawks sports teams and also founded Allen Institute for Brain Science, Stratolaunch Systems, Institute for Artificial Intelligence among others. Considering Bill Gates net worth in 2018 is $92.1 billion, and Microsoft net worth currently stands at $507.5 billion as of 2018 so, what’s Paul Allen net worth in 2018. Well-read below information regarding Paul Allen net worth and a few things you probably don’t know about Paul Allen.

Early Life

Paul Allen Net Worth 2019

Paul Gardner Allen is the son of Edna Faye and Kenneth Sam Allen. He was born in 1953 in the state of Washington in the seaport city of Seattle. He went for his studies at Lakeside School where he met Bill Gates, and they became friends and did sharpen their programming skills over there. Allen then joined Washington State University, but he dropped out to work as a programmer at HoneyWell. It was Allen who convinced gate to drop out of Harvard University so that the two could create Microsoft.

Personal Life

Shockingly with all his wealth, he has never married nor does he have any children although back in 1982 he was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma disease which he has already been cured.


Paul and Bill Gates back in 1975 they created BASIC programming language interpreter which they started of selling and in the process co-founded Micro-Soft. The two got a contract from IBM PC to supply Disk Operating System which was used to run IBM’s PC line. This is the contract that made both Paul Allen and Bill Gates wealthy and very successful. Due to his Hodgkins Lymphoma disease, he resigned from Microsoft board of directors and left the company in 1982 but still owned around 100 million shares.

Other than Microsoft Paul Allen has other business ventures and investments. In the financial and technology sector Paul has invested in Vulcan Capital which is under Vulcan Inc, A.R.O which is the startup that own apps such as Fayve, SportStream, Saga, Interval Research Corporation, Ticketmaster, and Charter Communications.

On Aerospace Allen has invested and owns Burt Rutan’s Scaled Composites’ SpaceShipOne suborbital commercial spacecraft and also he has created Stratolaunch Systems. On real estate, he is the owner of Allen’s Vulcan Real Estate division which has been building its portfolio in Seattle.

Among the Venues he owns are Portland’s Moda Center, Seattle Cinerama, and Hospital Club. He also owns two sports teams that’s Portland Trail Blazers NBA team which is currently valued at $940 million, and Seattle Seahawks NFL team which is currently valued at $1.33 billion and he co-owns Seattle Sounders FC.

Paul Allen has received various awards and achievements recognitions for his works in arts, philanthropy, and sports. Some of the awards are Andrew Carnegie Medal of Philanthropy, Super Bowl ring, a Lifetime Achievement Award, the Eli and Edythe Broad Award, 2005 National Air and Space Museum Trophy among others.

Net Worth, Salary & Income

Paul Allen net worth currently stands at $20 billion. The greatest source of Paul Allen net worth fortune is his shares in Microsoft which can be valued in billion. Another source of Paul Allen net worth is his numerous investments and businesses in financial and technology sector, aerospace, real estate, venues, film-making and sports teams.

6. Facts You Need To Know About Paul Allen

If you ask anyone out there about Paul Allen, they seem not to know whom you’re talking about but they are all familiar with Microsoft founder Bill Gates. Thus, not many people know much about Allen hence here are a few things probably you don’t know about Paul Allen.

1. To date, he has given out around $2 billion towards charity.

2. Other than sports his other passion is aviation.

3. He is a great musician, and together with his band Underthinkers have a debut album called Everywhere.

4. He loves preserving history that’s why he funds EMP Museum located in Seattle.

5. He refused to sell off his shares to Bill Gates who wanted to have Microsoft all by himself.

6. He was the first billionaire to support and sign the giving pledge an idea by Warren Buffet and Bill Gates.

Paul Allen net worth is a reflection of how wealthy one can become if he or she invests wisely and diversifies his investments. We anticipate Paul Allen fortunes will continue to grow even further in 2019.

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