Tim Cook Net Worth 2018

Tim cook is an industrial engineer, software developer and a business executive. He is the current executive chief officer the world’s most valuable brand Apple Inc. Before assuming the CEO, position Cook was the Chief Operating Officer.

After his assumption of office, the company shares have increased with more than 200% today retailing at $177 a share and considering now Apple market value is $900 billion one might get to ask exactly what’s Tim Cook net worth in 2018? Well, we shall reveal how much Tim Cook net worth is and a few facts probably you don’t know about Tim Cook.

Early Life

Tim Cook Net Worth 2019

Timothy Donald Cook is the son of Donald and Geraldine who gave birth to him in 1960 in the state of Alabama. He was brought up in Robertsdale is a city in Baldwin County. He went to Robertsdale High School and then joined Auburn University where he earned his B.S in industrial engineering. He furthered his education to masters of Administration at Duke University.

Personal Life

Cook personal life has little to be discussed about since he has been able to achieve what many would call a basic level of privacy; however, we know he is gay and enjoys cycling and hiking.


Cook started off his professional career in 1982 at IBM personal computer business where he served for 12 years as the director of North American Fulfillment. He would then be promoted to a higher rank where he took office as the Chief Operating Officer of Intelligent Electronics. Compaq would be then higher Cook in 1997 as their Vice president where he worked for only six months before meeting Steve Jobs.

The following year Tim Cook would meet Steve Jobs at Auburn University, and his career in Apple took off. His very first position was Senior Vice president for worldwide operations. During his time at this position, he is credited for keeping the costs under control and generating huge profits. In 2007 when Jobs suffered from health-related issues, Cook was promoted to lead operations where he took the office of Chief Executive in 2009, and he would be in charge of Apple’s day to day operations even though jobs made major decisions.

In 2011 after Jobs resigned as the CEO and assumed the position of a chairman Cook took over as the Chief Executive officer of Apple Inc. Jobs death a few months after Cooks assumption of office it was revealed that Cook and Jobs grew the company together from $6 billion market value to $100 billion market value. Since then he has held the position of CEO, and under his leadership, the company shares have increased by 200% now retailing at $170+ and the company market value is around $900 billion. It’s clear that under Cook leadership all that Apple has achieved is nothing but success all thanks to him.

On awards and achievements: Tim Cook has received a number of awards and honours for his work, and some of the accolades are: in induction in Alabama Academy of Honor, Ripple of Change Award, Human Rights Campaign’s Visibility Award among others.

Net Worth, Salary & Income

Tim Cook net worth is around $666 million as of the day of writing. In 2017 Tim Cook took home around $102 million as a result of an enormous share bonus linked to market performance. Usually, Cook salary is around $3.06 million; he also got a cash bonus worth $9.3 million and his shares gave him around $89 million totalling to $102 million in 2017. Another source of Time Cook net worth fortune other than Apple is Nike shares since he is an investor in Nike and shares also the board of directors. Its reported that Nike stocks earn him around $3.4 million.

6 Facts You Need To Know About Tim Cook

Other than Tim Cook net worth value and being the CEO of the world’s most valuable company what else do you know about Tim Cook? Cook is a man who desires to achieve a basic level of privacy however here are a few things you probably don’t know about Tim Cook.

1. Just because he is a multi-millionaire doesn’t mean he gets to sleep all day. He is an early riser and his day usually starts at 3:45 am.

2. The first thing to do when he wakes up is sending emails then hitting the gym.

3. Before Jobs death, he once offered him a piece of his liver since they share the rare blood group and it was compatible, but Steve Jobs declined.

4. The walls of Tim Cook office are lined with pictures of heroes such as Martin Luther King Jr. among others.

5. He is a proud gay and loves his sexuality.

6. His very first job was to deliver newspapers.

Now that Apple Inc. is worth $900 billion from Steve Jobs time when it was $100 billion, Tim Cook net worth fortune can be justified with his success in leadership.

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