Bill Burr Net Worth 2018

Bill Burr is an actor, an author, a podcaster but known by many as a stand-up comedian. He is well known for his satirical humor, and as of today, he has released 6 stand-up specials.

According to Rolling Stone 2017 edition, Bill Burr is at position seventeen in the list of top fifty best stand-up comics of all time. Today he hosts Monday Morning Podcast and stars at Netflix animated sitcom F Is for Family. Let’s now have a look at Bill Burr net worth fortune in 2018 and also uncover a few things you probably don’t know about Bill Burr.

Early Life

Bill Burr Net Worth 2019

William Frederic Burr who goes to today by stage name Bill Burr is the son of Robert Edmund Burr and Linda Ann who worked as a dentist and a nurse respectively. He was born in 1968 in Canton, Massachusetts. In 1987, Burr earned from his high school and later graduated with a B.A in Radio in 1993 from Emerson College. After his school, he sought to find jobs in various stores which he loved doing.

Personal Life

He wedded his girlfriend, Nia Hill in 2013 and in 2017 the two were blessed with a baby girl whom they named Lola. The family lives together in Los Angeles, California.


Bill Burr career in acting and comedy started in 1992 wherein 1995 he relocated to New York City to continue with his work. He came into the limelight after he got a chance to broadcast an hour show on a weekly basis entitled Bill Burr’s Monday Morning Podcast where he talked about various topics including current events and sports. The podcast hosted various jokesters and other times his wife makes guest appearances. It is a highly rated show and people who sought to watch it finds it on the All Things Comedy platform and also on Burr’s website. Since then his fame in comedy and media continued with him featuring in other drama podcast and on radio programs like, You Made It Weird with Pete Holmes, Opie and Anthony Show, The Nerdist Podcast, The Adam Carolla Show, The Joe Rogan Experience and many more.

His career has been inspired by the likes of Richard Pryor, George Carlin, Sam Kinston, Bill Cosby and Patrice O’Neal who are also renowned jokesters. Over the years Burr has released many comedy specials and albums including Emotionally Unavailable (2003), Let It Go (2010), Live at Andrew’s House (2014), I’m Sorry You Feel That Way 2014, You People Are All the Same 2012, Walk Your Way Out (2017), among others.

As an actor, Burr has made several appearances in many films his latest being The Heat (2013), Zombeavers (2014), Daddy’s Home 1 &2 (2015 & 2017), and his recent one being The Front Runner which will debut in 2018. Some of his latest television works include Kroll Show 2014, The Jim Gaffigan Show 2015, F is For Family 2015, The Simpsons 2016, Walk Your Way Out 2017 and Crashing in 2018.

On Awards and Achievements: He has not received any accolade yet although he has been acclaimed a number of times. In one instance, he was regarded by the Rolling Stone Journal as the Undisputed Heavyweight Champ Of Rage-Fuelled Humor. Also, he was named by beholders of the US jokester organization as a Comedian’s Comedian.

Net Worth, Salary & Income

Bill Burr net worth stands at $7.5 million. The source of Bill Burr net worth figures is what he has earned from Comedy albums and specials. Comedy tours are another great source of Bill Burr net worth fortune. His works in films and television also contribute some income to Bill Burr net worth value. Hosting the podcast, Monday Morning Podcast also contributes to the numbers in Bill Burr net worth value.

7 Facts You Don’t Know About Bill Burr

Having been ranked at position 17 on the list of top 50 best comics of all time just recently by Rolling Stone that places him on top of the ladder of the best stand-up comedians we have on the planet. You might have known him for too long but here are some few things you probably don’t know about bill burr.

1. He never voted for the former US president, Barrack Obama during the 2012 elections.

2. Did you know that he voiced as Jason Michaels in the Grand Theft Auto IV game which debuted in 2008?

3. His favorite country to stage his comedy shows is Ireland.

4. He has written famous quotes which are used by many people.

5. He has the vision to rescue the surroundings in future using the Cruise Ships.

6. In 2009 he became the first jokester to perform on the Tonight Show alongside Conan O’Brien.

7. Did you know that he likes to do the dive-bar open mics podcasts?

After careful analysis of Bill Burr worth, you will realize that comedy which is a talent can also pay and earn someone a living. If you are a comedian or have the skill just work on it, it might be a good source of livelihood.

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