Barbara Corcoran Net Worth 2018

How successful has Barbara Corcoran been in her career over the years? How much has she managed to bank that adds up to her overall net worth value? Corcoran is a TV superstar, speaker, author, entrepreneur and also an investor. She is best known for bankrolling in the reality show, ‘Shark Tank’ which airs on ABC’s network and as of today, she has invested more than $5 million.

Wondering what’s the real Barbara Corcoran net worth could be in 2018 and how he has amassed such a fortune? What about the little dirty secrets you don’t know about Barbara Corcoran? Well, we shall serve you with everything you want to know just keep reading.

Early Life

Barbara Corcoran Net Worth 2019

Barbara Ann Corcoran hails from Edgewater, New Jersey where he was born in 1949 by her parents and raised together with her ten siblings. After her high school where she performed poorly, she enrolled to St. Thomas Aquinas College in 1971 and acquired a caliber in education. Thereafter she did many works including teaching for a period of 1 year.

Personal Life

Her first matrimony was with an FBI advocate whose details and identity are unknown. Barbara was married for the second time in 1988 by Bill Higgins who was also an FBI advocate but a retired one. Though not by blood, the couple has two children; their fostered girl, Kate and their boy, Tom whom she gave birth to through a voluntarily given egg from her sibling.


Barbara’s career began after she graduated where she did over 22 jobs including teaching and being a waitress. When she got tired of being hired, she borrowed a loan from his then boyfriend who gave him $1 million and together they launched their real estate company, ‘The Corcoran Group’ in 1973. She became a multi-millionaire in 2001 after she auctioned the company at $66 million.

Being an author, she used to write articles for various magazines like ‘Redbook’, ‘More Magazine’ and ‘The Daily Review’. She has written many books including, Use What You Got (2003), Amazing Places To Live Your Life (2008) and Shark Tales (2011).

Aside from being a TV personality, Barbra has been hosted in various shows to advise business people through her consulting company, ‘Barbara Corcoran Inc’. She also hosts a program in NBC called ‘The Millionaire Broker with Barbara Corcoran’ as a result of her real estate business. Currently, she is still a Shark Tanks investor where she hopes to earn even more.

On Awards and Achievements: So far, she hasn’t been awarded any yet officially but everyone knows that Barbara Corcoran is among the best TV personalities and one of the most successful female investors in the world in addition among the highest paid globally.

Net Worth, Salary & Income

Barbara Corcoran net worth stands at $100 million as of the day of writing. It is reported that her annual salary is $40 million. She also cashes in from shark tank projects where she has invested with over $5 million. Another of Barbara Corcoran net worth value booster is her real estate company which is estimated to be worth more than $5 billion, and definitely, it yields some good returns on money invested. Brand endorsements with companies like’ Cover-play’ has also boosted her net worth.

7 Facts You Need to Know About Barbara Corcoran

If there is one lesson the real estate mogul has taught people is that you don’t give up irrespective of the academic performance or how many times you fail. She scored D,s in High School and failed in over 20 jobs but her perseverance and dedication has turned Barbara Corcoran net worth value to multimillion-dollar fortune. Everyone knows Corcoran loves dishing out advice to aspiring entrepreneurs but when it comes to her personal life few details are available. However, we have few facts about Barbara Corcoran you probably don’t know.

1. She tried to succeed in 22 jobs, but they all disappointed her as she failed before coming up with Corcoran Group

2. She doesn’t bother looking at ones resume since much contained there is about what one has done, to her she is interested in what one can do.

3. She really hates a business plan and argues that it becomes irrelevant when one hits the road to the real world.

4. Before having her first child that’s at the age of 45, she went through 7 years of in vitro.

5. She loves and enjoys reading tarot cards. It’s more of a talent to her.

6. Her beloved cocktail is a Mojito. She said if today is the last day on the planet she would have 5 of these in a row
7. Do you know a book titled Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte that’s the book she would read a thousand times?

Barbara Corcoran is one of the favorite Shark Tank Investors that’s according to many surveys, and she has really won the hearts of many. If her graph of success stays constant, then Barbara Corcoran net worth will increase even further in 2019.

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