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Sergey Brin the internet entrepreneur and a computer scientist whom we owe many gratitudes for giving us Google currently has a net worth of billions as of today. Sergey Brin, the current president of Alphabet Inc and co-founder of Google together with his friend Larry page, is among the richest individuals on earth and according to Forbes he is 13th richest person globally. But how did Sergey Brin amass a net worth of billions in 2018? Well keep reading and stay put to learn more.

Early Life

Sergey Brin Net Worth 2019

Sergey Mikhaylovich Brin was born in 1973 in the Soviet Union to Mikhail Brin and Yevgenia. The father was a mathematics professor, and the mother worked at NASA. The parents decided to leave Moscow for united states, and they were granted the exit visas in 1979.

In the united states he went to Montessori School then later joined Eleanor Roosevelt High School in Maryland. Upon graduation, he was admitted at the University of Maryland where he earned a B.S in Computer Science and Mathematics. Brin decided to further his studies, and he joined Stanford University for his Ph.D. where he met Larry Page.

Personal Life

Brin once married the co-founder of 23andMe company Anne Wojcicki in 2007, but they finalized their divorce in 2015. The two have two children a boy and a girl. Currently, the billionaire is dating a Google Glass’s marketing director.


Sergey Brin met Larry Page at the orientation of new students at Stanford and it didn’t take long before the two became intellectual soul mates and very good friends. The two developed a PageRank algorithm that could be used to build a search engine better than the existing ones. Wasn’t long before they came up with a search engine that Sanford students used and later the world.

Apart from search engine Sergey Brin has been working on alternative energy and renewable energy projects through Brin has also been involved in projects related to electric cars, Project Glass where one just needs natural language to interact with the internet, and Google driverless car. Other projects Brin has been involved in are Kite energy systems and the unbelievable lab-grown meat.

Awards & achievements: Through his work of innovation and success Brin has received a number of awards such as MIT Technology Review TR100, honorary MBA from IE Business School, Marconi Foundation Prize, EY Entrepreneur of the Year Award, and Academy of Achievements Golden Plate Award.

Net Worth, Salary & Income

Sergey Brin net worth currently stands at $48 billion as of the date of writing. Today he is the 13th wealthiest or rather richest man in the world. Sergey Brin net worth usually changes a lot depending on how the stock has closed that particular day. As of today, the Google stock is at $957 per share and if a bigger profit is registered then Brin net worth shifts positively or negatively depending on how Google has performed that day.

5 Facts You Need To Know About Sergey Brin

The man behind Google and now the current president of Alphabet Inc is a man we all thank for, for inventing this awesome source of information since were it not for him and Larry page then you get to wonder how the world would have been today. Other than Sergey Brin net worth value and the brains behind Google what other facts don’t you know about Sergey Brin.

1. Sergey and Brin though their relationship grew into the development of a multi-billion-dollar company when they met they weren’t best of friends, in fact, they didn’t get along well.

2. Before Google was founded what was there before was known as BackRub. BackRub used to operate within Stanford servers until they could not handle the bandwidth. BackRub search engine would later be named Googol.

3. He was once spotted wearing the Google Glass on a subway in New York City.

4. His salary today is just $1 yes I mean one dollar.

5. Due to his mother developing Parkinson’s Brin might has a higher chance of developing it as well.

Sergey Brin worth has been rising every day and looks like in coming years since Google has been dominating the search engine market will rise above $50 billion marks. All we can say is thank you, Brin, for Google.

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