Tai Lopez Net Worth 2018

Tai Lopez made waves on the internet after a massive ad campaign that skyrocketed him from just a few. If you want to get rich, amass massive wealth, be happy, get the A tips on issues of the heart or rather become a better lover, be a healthy individual the man to follow is the entrepreneur, advisor, and a life coach Tai Lopez.

Tai Lopez usually shares all the advice through his book club and podcasts that has over one million subscribers in over 40 different countries in the world. The book club that was started by Tai Lopez usually goes through one of his books which is a summary of his mentor’s shortcuts that he has summarized himself and its titled “The 67 Steps”. In addition to “The 67 Steps”, he also has a program called “Business mentorship” that usually is more similar to the traditional way of learning business without technically going to school.

Recently he was a nobody, but due to his massive ad campaign he becomes a person of interest who had just a few thousand views but today has over 200 million views on YouTube channel alone. So a man who directs you on the path of ‘Good life” how much do you think is his net worth? Well here is Tai Lopez net worth and his journey to a million-dollar fortune in 2018.

Early Life

Tai Lopez Net Worth 2019

Taino M. Lopez was born 40 years ago in Fullerton, California and bred by only his mother since his father was in prison during his childhood. He grew up in the midst of his grandfather who was a scientist. Tai was fostered hand in hand with his a half-brother, Ben Avanzato and his cousin Maya Burkenroad. He attended Sunny Hills High School and later enrolled in a local university but discontinue his studies after two semesters.

Personal Life

Tai once had a girlfriend known as Kenna Alastair but is currently not in a relationship having no wife nor any children. He resides in Hollywood Hills, California


Before emerging a social media figure in 20I3, Lopez was merely acknowledged. He launched his YouTube Chanel after taking a challenge from a colleague. In his ancient 30s, he worked as a wealth manager with GE and moiled in the field of finance before emerging a founder, investor, advisor, and a mentor to a multi-million dollar business. All these events happened while Tai was dwelling in the Hollywood hills.

During his career, he appeared in various TV and radio shows, created the top downloaded podcast and you tubes, and he also has spoken at top global universities like The London Business School and the University of Southern California.

After his grandfather’s reply to his letter on how to live a better life, Tai dragnet out the enigma to “Good Life” and began reading a lot of books authored by the likes of; Freud, Aristotle, Gandhi, Charlie Monger, Sam Walton, Descartes, Darwin, Confucius, among others.

He is famous for his known book club, podcasts and for his “67 Steps”, a mentor program where he provides advice to many organizations being a recognized financial organizer. Through his book club and podcast, Tai bestows wealth as well as health advice embracing more than 1million people in 40 different countries. His advice also includes love and happiness. Regularly he transfers his work via email newsletter including his popular “Book-Of-The-Day”.

His fortune project, “67 Steps”, gives highlights on all he’s tumbled from his mentors. Being known for his advocacy program, “Social Media Agency”, Lopez was christened by entrepreneur.com “top social media strategist” to watch in 2017. Prior to that, in August 20I3, Tai created a YouTube account, “tailopezofficial” which recently has jillion video views and 950,000+ Subscribers. He then plugged his first video “Come Party In The Hollywood Hills” in November which engaged celebrities like Mark Cuban, Rihanna and Tommy Hilfiger. Other videos from his channel include; “Here In My Garage: Lamborghini, Knowledge And Books” and “Should You Drop Out Of College: It’s Not A Simple Answer”.

Net Worth, Salary & Income

Though Tai Lopez’s net worth was difficult to predict before social media work. In his entire profession, his earning has been between $3.5 and $7 million until he ventured into social media work which made Tai Lopez net worth to be close to $20 million. Being a self-made millionaire, Tai became one before the age of 30 by building his foundation colossal through his 67 steps project. He possesses more than 20 multi-million dollar enterprises being the owner of scads of dating websites have negative reviews.

His diverse properties include cars such as Lamborghini, Ferrari and Rolls Royce. All his car collection adds up to $2 million. His 2nd most explored YouTube video has over 23,000 results becoming one of his best while his 67 steps program has over I00k people who go over it, earning him approximately $6.7 million. Moreover, his accelerator used to earn him $997. Other assets that Tai owns include his homes in places such as in Norway, London, La Jolla and his Beverly Hills home which abate the costs of his expenses by being under his business name.

7 Things You Don’t Know About

You might think because you are a subscriber and a fan of his book club and you probably know Tail Lopez net worth you are very familiar with him. Below are the few things you need to know about a man who teaches you how to be rich, stay rich, make wealth, live a healthy life, and how to love.;

1. He spent two and a half years living in Amish before his fame while working at a leper colony.

2. Wanting answers to life’s hard questions, he wrote a letter to his scientist grandfather when he was I6.

3. He began a business mentorship program which without spending money combines the best of his self-learning.

4. His project, 67 Steps is claimed to be a scam together with his other programs such as Elite Global and LLC.

5. It is easier for him to give people his advice from other successful people through his social media by following him rather than reading books or listening to his audiobook.

6. Having more than 950,000 YouTube subscribers, he became a certified financial planner.

7. He is a generous man since he gives away valuable content for free such as live webinars, the book of the day Summaries and open knowledge.

He is regarded as the most immoral guy on the planet being both a thief and a nest since he’s a bad person who only wants money. Other than that, he is a great speaker and a good person to listen to being very sophisticated, especially in the generation of influence, appeal, and blandishment. People doubt his methods since, “Tai Lopez Scam” is one of his first drop-down suggestions in Google search engine. His book being more famous than his Lamborghini video on YouTube, he became known through his book entitled, “I’m here in my garage”. Being famous overnight, made people sceptical on whether or not to trust him though he cares less about people and lives a good life of health, love and happiness

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