Gavin Free Net Worth 2018

Many people are wondering what Gavin Free net worth figures in 2018? How rich is Gavin Free? Well for those who have no idea who Gavin Free is, he is a director, producer, an editor, cinematographer, an actor and a cyberstar. He came into the spotlight as a creative director in Rooster Teeth productions where he has been featured in many of their projects such as Relocated, Achievement Hunter and Red Vs. Blue.

He is also the Co-Host and Co-creator of The Slow Mo Guys which is a YouTube-based web series which won the YouTube’s On The Rise Program back in 2011, and as of 2018, the YouTube Channel has over 10 million subscribers with over 1.2 billion video views. He has also appeared in some films among them Lazer Team, Lazer Team 2, Reunited and several other films. Now we shall look at Gavin Free net worth fortune and also reveal a few things you probably don’t know about Gavin Free.

Early Life

Gavin Free Net Worth 2019

Gavin David Free is a renowned actor, cinematographer, director, and an internet figure. He was born in 1988 in Thame, Oxfordshire where he was brought up as well. He is from the British dynasty, but since his forebears came from Italy, he is partly Italian. For his education, Gavin enrolled at Lord Williams School. After his studies, he pursued his passion in the entertainment industry wherein 2006 he joined a production media and moiled as a cameraman and a specialist.

Personal Life

He began dating Meg Turney who is a vlogger, model, cosplayer and internet personality in 2013 and the two lovebirds are still together, and they reside at their home in Texas.


Starting his career over a decade ago, we can say that his passion started shaping up when he began working for several production houses. He was given the role of directing the Red vs Blue episodes in 2009 by the Rooster Teeth Productions. After his success, he was given a character in Captain Dynamic the same year while still working for the production. He also played in the Rooster Teeth shorts series.

Through his YouTube channel, he showcased his other program, The Slow Mo Guys in collaboration with his ally Daniel Gruchy in 2010. His channel has been highly viewed by over 1.2 billion people where 9.7 million subscribers signed to it. The program was however taken over by Rooster Teeth Productions and was showcased on their web page. In 2008, Gavin affiliated with another production company on a contract and in 2012 he got an anchoring job there.

During his career, Gavin has appeared in films like Let’s Play Live: The Documentary (2015), Lazer Team (2015), Reunited (2015), & Lazer Team 2 (2017) and TV programs including @Midnight (2014 & 2016) and The Late Late Show with James Corden (2015). For his YouTube Channel, he appeared in The Gauntlet (2013), Ten Little Roosters (2014) Crunch Time (2016) and currently he is featured in The Super Slow Show since the beginning of the year.

Together with Bernie Burns, a co-owner of Rooster Teeth, he anchored The Million Dollars, But…, episodes which debuted in 2015. Later that year, he appeared as a catalyst in the YouTubers React. After being fruitful, he got elevated in the Rooster Teeth Productions as the chief creative manager, but he left the position in 2016 to concentrate with the Slow Mo Guys series.

On Awards and Achievements: Received by Gavin Free he has received an award which his YouTube channel was awarded after winning in the On The Rise Program category back in 2011. His other accolade was in 2016 after championing the Streamy Awards in the category of Best Cinematography. He has been nominated in the Best Web Personality category in the Webby Awards.

Net Worth, Salary & Income

Gavin Free net worth as of today stands at $5 million. The source of Gavin Free net worth fortune is through his production and acting career. Some of the works that have boosted Gavin Free net worth fortune in 2018 are Rooster Teeth Shorts, Red vs Blue, Lazer Team/2, Snow White and the Huntsman, The Slow Mo Guys and many more. YouTube Channels affiliated to Gavin Free are another source of his net worth booster income channels where series such as The Slow Mo Guys have already received over 1.2 billion views which would roughly translate to $4 million in earnings from the channel.

4 Facts You Don’t Know About Gavin Free

Gavin Free has gained quite a following and some fame over the years especially due to his YouTube Channel The Slow Mo Guys. Today all his videos have received more than a billion views but don’t mean you know everything about him. Here are a few things you probably don’t know about Gavin Free.

1. A Man was killed in his house recently after he broke into his home with a shotgun and he had to hide in the closet together with his wife.

2. He has worked on the music videos for X-Press 2, Kasabian, U2 among other artists.

3. His English premier league team which he supports is Tottenham Hotspur F.C.

4. In the Snow White and the Huntsman film, he is the mind behind the slow-motion theatrics.

Gavin Free worth figures in 2018 are expected to rise even higher in 2019 considering his YouTube series are continuously being released, and more is yet to come. We wish him the best in 2018.

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