Bill O’Reilly Net Worth 2018

Bill O’Reilly, the conservative commentator, works as the television host, a journalist and an author. O’Reilly has worked with CBS News, ABC News, and FOX News Channel where for the last 16 years he has held the throne as the king of cable news. His O’Reilly Factor show which he used to host on Fox News Channel was the highest rated cable show for the last 16 years before sexual harassment scandals surrounded him.

Currently, its reported by the New York Times investigations that O’Reilly has settled more than $50 million in sexual harassment lawsuits and these scandals have really become a blow to O’Reilly career. Here’s what we know about Bill O’ Reilly net worth as of 2018, how he rose to power, prominence and what went down causing his downfall.

Early Life

Bill O’Reilly Net Worth 2019

William James O’Reilly Jr is the son of William James Sr and Winfred Angela who gave birth to him in 1949 in Manhattan. He has a sister by the name Janet.

O’Reilly went to school at St.Brigid Parochial School before joining Chaminade High School located in Mineola. In 1967 after graduating high school he joined in Marist College which is based in New York where he was awarded bachelor of arts degree in history in 1971. In 1973 he joined Boston University for a master of arts degree in broadcast journalism. In 1996 he was a recipient of the master of public administration degree from Harvard University.

Personal Life

O’Reilly is a father of two children and was once the husband to Maureen E. McPhilmy whom he married in 1996 but divorced in 2011. O’ Reilly has been facing many sexual harassment lawsuits, and it all started in 2004 when Andrea Mackris a former employee of Fox News sued him for $60 million in damages although they settled it out of court. Recently reports emerged that Mackris was paid around $9 million. In 2016 he was accused of sexual assault by Juliet Huddy and Andrea Tantaros. Other women who have accused O’Reilly of sexual assault harassment are Rebecca Diamond, Laurie Dhue, Wendy Walsh, Lis Wiehl, among others.


O’Reilly started off his career as a reporter and an anchor for WNEP TV reporting on the weather. He moved to WFAA TV where he was a reporter before moving to KMGH TV. He also worked at WHDH TV, WFSB, KATU, and WNEV TV. In 19980 he moved to WCBS TV, and in 1982 he became a CBS News correspondent. In 1986 he joined ABC News as a correspondent where he hosted daytime news briefs and also a general assignment reporter.

In 1989 he became part of CBS Television Distribution where he became a program anchor of Inside Edition program. He left the show in 1995.

O’Reilly joined Fox News Channel in 1996 where he hosted The O’Reilly Factor show. The show became the highest rated show for 16 years. He left the show in April 2017 after he has been accused so many times of sexual harassment claims by more than five women.

After his departure from Fox News he has launched a podcast called “No Spin News” and now he has even begun streaming videos. He is also a guest at Glenn Beck Radio Program.

On Awards and Achievements: Bill O’Reilly was listed at position 2 in the list of top 25 radio host and position 2 spots again in the list of the most influential host. He has been awarded a National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Governors’ Award and a Dallas Press Club Award among other awards.

Net Worth, Salary & Income

Bill O’Reilly net worth currently stands at $85 million. Before his downfall with Fox News Channel, he was one of the highest paid TV Hosts, and he earned around $37 million between 2016 and 2017. Much of his wealth has been built through husting gigs while at Fox News Channel since he could generate above $440 million in ad revenues. Bill O’Reilly net worth could have been more than $100 million, but his numerous sexual harassment allegations filed against him have seen him pay more than $50 million. O’Reilly net worth also does receive a big boost from his books since he is a best seller.

7 Facts You Need To Know About Bill O’Reilly

Definitely, without doubt, we all know Bill O’Reilly the sexual pervert who harass women, and we do know that more than 30 companies withdrew their ad dollars just to protest his acts. Other than the sex pest character he is here are a few things about Bill O’Reilly probably you don’t know.

1. stayed for two decades at Fox News before being fired.

2. To date, Bill O’ Reilly has written at least 12 books of which many are best sellers.

3. He has been very close to the Trump administration, and the president seems to defend him.

4. His ex-wife Maureen McPhilmy has the custody of the children.

5. It seems Bill O’Reilly claims that he was at the frontline at Falklands War as a journalist was a lie.

6. When he protested Pepsi-Cola and requested the masses to go slow on buying the product for the company had contracted Ludacris as its spokesman the following day Ludacris was fired.

7. This might sound funny to you, but he was once a professional baseball player where he was to join the MLB and take up his Kicker position.

Bill O’Reilly is a great and maybe a legend in media circles but the fact that he is a sex predator judging by the numerous sexual harassment lawsuits filed against him all that damages his reputation and his image as well as his net worth fortune too.

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