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An American band, ‘Waxahatchee’ derives its name from Waxahatchee Creek, Alabama, which is where it originated and perfectly reflected the personality of its creator, Katie Crutchfield. An American singer, Katie has been known for her out and out DIY punk ethic and is pretty much the embodiment of the term ‘indie’, which can be used to describe aptly, both her band, ‘Waxahatchee’ and the genre of music they play, i.e. indie rock and indie folk. Here is a quick summary of the Waxahatchee’s net worth in 2018.

History of the Band

Waxahatchee Net Worth 2019

In 2010, Katie Crutchfield was still a member of “P.S. Eliot”, a hardcore feminist indie punk rock band formed by her and her twin, Allison Crutchfield in 2007, when she decided to create a split cassette in collaboration with the renowned DIY punk mogul, Chris Clavin under his label, Plan –It-X Records. It was during the release of this cassette that she first used the name ‘Waxahatchee’. The response garnered by the cassette encouraged her to broaden the horizon for ‘Waxahatchee’, and she went on to release Waxahatchee’s debut album, “American Weekend” in 2012. The album was written and recorded in the short span of a week, while Katie was vacationing in Birmingham, Alabama with her family and was released under Don Giovanni Records. The overarching themes of this album were relationship ties, desolation and longing, all of which were efficaciously reflected in the profound lyrics of the songs. “American Weekend” went on to be an even bigger hit and was hailed as one of 2012’s top albums by Dusted magazine with many of its songs, like “Be Good” topping various charts across the country.

Another of its songs, “Catfish” was included in one of the podcasts of “Welcome to Night Vale”. The overwhelming success of “American Weekend”paved the way for Waxahatchee’s second album, “Cerulean Salt”, which came out in 2013 and went on to top the Official Record Chart. The album was released under Don Giovanni Records and Wichita Recordings in America and the United Kingdom respectively. After this, ‘Waxahatchee’ embarked on their first tour in the United Kingdom in 2013 with another popular indie pop band from Canada, Tegan and Sara. Their growing popularity landed them their own tour even before 2013 could end thereby, effectively declaring to the world that ‘Waxahatchee’ is a band here to stay! In 2015, Katie Crutchfield came out with Waxahatchee’s third album titled “Ivy Tripp” under Merge Records. All this while, the band was making headlines with its jam-packed tour concerts, which they performed in collaboration with many renowned singers and bands.

The year 2017, saw the release of Waxahatchee’s fourth album, “Out in the Storm” and their first and only single, “No Curse”, both of which registered record-breaking sales. “Out in the Storm” was Waxahatchee’s first studio recorded album and was praised for not only its improved sound quality, but also its sharp and immersive music. The band toured for the whole of 2017 as well, all across America, Europe and Scandinavia performing at festivals, concerts and even clubs.
Most recently, in January 2018, ‘Waxahatchee’ was chosen as the band who would open the comeback show of cult punk rock band, ‘Jawbreaker’ in Los Angeles, where they are all set to perform after 22 long years!


Relatively new on the indie rock and folk scene, ‘Waxahatchee’ has four studio albums and one single to its credit, apart from a split cassette titled “Dragon”, which is where it all began for this rapidly growing band!


The four albums include:
• “American Weekend”
• “Cerulean Salt”
• “Ivy Tripp”
• “Out in the Storm”


• “No Curse”

Net Worth

The total estimated net worth of ‘Waxahatchee’, as of 2018 is a considerable $1.5 million according to the wealth record, a fortune that the band has managed to amass in a relatively short span.

Created in 2010, ‘Waxahatchee’ is still in its early years and full of possibilities and potential that they are yet to tap on. With much more inspiring music to come, ‘Waxahatchee’ sure has a long way to go, which we are sure will be an eventful journey!

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  1. saw them last night at Murmrr in Brooklyn… never heard them before and was surprised by their sound, a wall of electric guitars, three, bass and drums, great pop hooks and twin harmonies… hope to see them again soon…

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