Dan Bilzerian Net Worth 2018

Dan Bilzerian net worth in 2018 must be something of interest to the general public. He is 5ft and 9 inches tall, a former US Navy Seal trainee, a self-proclaimed venture capitalist, and an internet personality who has been crowned by over 20 million Instagram followers as the King of Instagram. Bilzerian is a playboy and a professional poker player whom you will often find on Instagram documenting his lavish lifestyle, surrounded by dozens of topless women, taking portraits of himself next to his Gulfstream IV jet, not forgetting his many advanced assault rifles and magazines in his home.

Considering he lives a lavish lifestyle, he gets his hair cut by topless bare-breasted women, and makes an eight-digit bets on poker games what would be Dan Bilzerian net worth in 2018? Apart from Dan Bilzerian net worth, we shall look at a few things you probably don’t know about Dan Bilzerian.

Early Life

Dan Bilzerian Net Worth 2019

Dan Brandon Bilzerian hails from Florida where he was born to corporate takeover specialist Paul Bilzerian and Terri Steffen in 1980. He has a brother who is widely known for he is a professional poker player too called Adam Bilzerian. Back in 2000 he joined Navy Seal training program but was unable to graduate because he violated the safety violation on the shooting range. He dropped out and joined the University of Florida where he took Business and Criminology as the line of sturdy.

Personal Life

On Dan Bilzerian personal life he does have two homes one in Las Vegas while the other one is located in California. To date, he has suffered three major heart attacks. That’s because of his lavish lifestyle and the drug abuse intake. He has been on several occasions on the wrong side of the law mostly being charged with possession of explosive material, violence against women and other behaviours. Back in 2016, he wanted to run for the President of the United States, but he threw his support behind the sitting president Donald Trump.

On marriage and relationships, considering the playboy, he is there is no known relationship he is in nor a child he has sired with any woman to date.


Bilzerian started off his career by playing at World Series of Poker Main event which was held in 2009 where he closed the day at position 180. As days go by, he started posting his winning where you would see he has won $10.8 million that’s back in 2014 and by the end of that year he claimed he won a total of $50 million. The much Dan Bilzerian has lost as he claimed in poker is $3.6 million.

Apart from poker, Dan has presented himself as a Hollywood actor as he has appeared in a number of films among them being 2013: Olympus Has Fallen, 2013: Lone Survivor, 2014: The Other Woman, 2014: The Equalizer, 2014: Cat Run 2, 2015: Extraction and 2016: War Dogs.

On Awards and Achievements awarded to Dan Bilzerian, he was named as one of the funniest poker players in Twitter back in 2010. On the issue, there isn’t any other award presented to him officially.

Net Worth, Salary & Income

Dan Bilzerian net worth is estimated to be around $100 million. The source of Dan Bilzerian net worth fortune is his earnings from poker winnings where it’s reported that he makes millions of dollars a night. Bilzerian is the type of a person who plays high stakes poker games, with the rich and famous and his minimum buy I have got million of cash. He also makes some money from the earnings of the films he has taken some roles in and also don’t forget he has millions of Instagram followers making him prime for brand endorsement deals.

9 Facts You Need To Know About Dan Bilzerian

When you hear the name Dan Bilzerian what possibly comes into your mind is sizzling beautiful hot women, gold-plated guns, jets, porch cars, boats, parties, and poker winnings. Dan has a lavish lifestyle that many of us only dream about no wonder we do call him The King of Instagram. Today regardless of what you know about him here are a few things you probably don’t know about Dan Bilzerian.

1. He claims he is the Bill Gates of Poker a title which we can dispute too much considering in a day he can go home $10 million richer.

2. Did you know that he has over 95 guns which are displayed in the rooms of his house?

3. When he was in high school in his senior year, he was arrested for being in possession of a machine gun in the school property.

4. He was honourably discharged from the Navy Seal training for quarrying with an administrative officer.

5. Before he got the age of 30, Dan Bilzerian has had two heart attacks.

6. He rented his personal friend Jay Farber who is nicknamed Panda $2000 to play poker where he won $5.1 million giving Dan $1 million as a token of appreciation.

7. He firmly believes in the constitution, and he supports it.

8. Dan loves politics so much and loves Donald Trump as well.

9. Smashball is the name of his pussy cat which has close to 500k Instagram followers.

Dan Bilzerian net worth is something that can’t be justified, and it’s not verifiable considering this is gambling money and you can never be sure whether he made the cash or not. But one thing for sure you cannot afford such a lavish lifestyle if you’re poor.

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