Malia Obama Net Worth 2018

Malia Obama is the first daughter of the former 44th president of United States Barrack Obama who served from 2009 to 2017.

Recently a video of Malia kissing a young man and blowing smoke rings was circulated by media outlets and tabloids which caught the attention of members of the First Daughters Club that’s president Trump daughter Ivanka Trump and Chelsea Clinton who came into her defense citing she should be allowed to have her privacy as she is a young adult, and a private citizen calling it cheap news.

But what’s Malia Obama net worth as of 2018 and why was she crowned as the richest heiress in the world.

Early Life

Malia Obama Net Worth 2019

Malia Ann Obama was born in 1994 in the month of July to Barack Hussein Obama II, and Michelle LaVaughn Robinson Obama who became the president and the First lady of United States of America from 2009 to 2017. She has a younger sister Natasha who was born in 2001. Malia went to school at University of Chicago Laboratory Schools, and then in 2009 joined Sidwell Friends School. Currently, she is a student at Harvard University.

Personal Life

On her dating life not much, that can be said about the first daughter, but she is a student, for now, her private life should not be a subject of discussion. Let her enjoy her privacy just like her normal college peers.


Not much that can be said since she is just a student and hasn’t worked much however when she graduated from Private Sidwell Friends School which is based in Washington D.C she dint directly enrol to University but took a one year gap before joining Harvard University in 2017.

During the summer in 2016, the first daughter worked as an intern in the U.S Embassy based in Madrid Spain. Currently, the first daughter seams interested in the film world as she has been doing her internship with Hollywood film producer Harvey Weinstein. Moreover, she has been doing her internship roles in Girls and Extent television series.

On Awards & Achievements: Graduating from high school and enrolling to Harvard University was the first achievement of Malia Obama. in 2014 Malia was named among the most influential teens by the Times Magazine.

Net Worth, Salary & Income

Malia Obama net worth has been a subject of discussion some sources claiming she has $275 million others $96 million while others give a net worth value for Malia to be $200 thousand. No one really knows but being the first daughter; we know she is the heir to Barack Obama net worth which stands at $40 million while Michelle Obama net worth stands at $11.8 million. On her net worth value and her fortune let’s just skip it and have the discussion when more credible information surfaces.

7 Facts You Need To Know About

You may have heard a bit about the former president of united states Barack Obama daughters but how much can you really tell about Malia Obama except what is in her biography? Well here are some 1234 facts you don’t know about Malia Obama.

1. Did you know that she was taught how to drive, steer and park a car by the secret service even though her dad wanted to be the one to teach her?

2. Malia is a pro at photobombing.

3. Other than English she speaks excellent Spanish, and when his father visited Cuba, she was the translator.

4. Just because you have workers in the White House doesn’t exempt you from working, and that’s why Malia had chores to do in the White House.

5. Malia has allergies no wonder Senator Ted Kennedy gave the family a hypoallergenic dog.

6. Their dolls created in her likeness by Ty Inc as a way of honouring her.

7. Her favourite sports game is tennis, and she used to play even at the university.

Malia Obama worth can’t be known easily, let’s just say its top secret for today. She is a hard-working woman, a girl who loves fashion and seams quit interested with films which we suspect sooner or later we shall see her in the big screen.

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