Elizabeth Warren Net Worth 2018

Elizabeth Warren is an author, a politician in the United States of America and a law professor. Today she holds the office of senior U.S Senator from Massachusetts a seat she got hold of in 2012. Before she began her political career, she was one of the most cited law professors in the discipline of commercial law.

Warren is a principal figure among the Democrats and one of the popular people among American progressives. With her popularity, one can get curious on issues such as what’s Elizabeth Warren net worth in 2018? How rich is Elizabeth Warren? What’s Elizabeth Warren salary in 2018? And many more questions that we shall answer as you scroll down. We shall also uncover a few things or rather facts that you don’t know about Elizabeth Warren.

Early Life

Elizabeth Warren Net Worth 2019

Elizabeth Ann Warren is the fourth child of Donald Jones Herring and Pauline who gave birth to her in 1949 in the state of Oklahoma. She was raised up as a Methodist in her middle-class family. Warren went to Northwest Classen High School where she earned a scholarship to join George Washington University at the age of 16. She left the university after two years and joined the University of Houston where she graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in speech pathology and audiology. To further her education, she joined Rutgers University Newark School of Law where she graduated in 1976 with a Juris Doctor degree and even passed her bar examination.

Personal Life

On her personal life, she is a mother of two children and a wife to a law professor, Bruce H. Mann. Before meeting Bruce H.Mann Warren was married to Jim Warren who they met in high school and divorced in 1978. Jim Warren is the father of Elizabeth Warren children.


Warren first job was an employee of IBM back in the 1970’s where she would later teach in public schools in the disability class. Her academic career didn’t stop there as she went ahead to be a lecturer at Rutgers University, Newark School of Law where she taught between 1977 and 1978. She moved out of the university and secured a job with the University of Houston Law Center becoming an Associate Dean for Academic Affairs. She would later move out and join University of Texas School of law where she became an associate professor and even graduated to a full professor and working till 1987 in the university. At her time at the University of Texas, she could also offer her services at the University of Michigan. In 1987 she taught University of Pennsylvania Law School and in 1982 taught at Harvard Law School.

Warren has also worked in several commissions, her first commission being National Bankruptcy Review Commission where she was an advisor and a member of FDIC Advisory Committee on Economic Inclusion. She is a member of National Bankruptcy Conference and American Academy of Arts and Sciences. She was also the chair of Congressional Oversight Panel which its mandate was to oversight Troubled Asset Relief Program. In 2010 President Obama named her Special Advisor to the secretary of Treasury, and finally, she became the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau director.

On her political career for many years she has been voting for the Republican party, but since 1995 she has been supporting Democrats. In 2011 she declared her intentions to run for the U.S Senate seat in the upcoming 2012 election in Massachusetts under Democratic nomination. She secured the Democratic nomination unopposed, and in 2012 November 6 won the elections becoming the first woman ever elected to the U.S Senate from Massachusetts and a seat she still occupies.

Warren has also written some publications and some of her most recent books are The Law of Debtors and Creditors: Text, Cases, and Problems (6th ed.), Chapter 11: Reorganizing American Businesses (Essentials), Secured Credit: A Systems Approach, A Fighting Chance., This Fight Is Our Fight: The Battle to Save America’s Middle Class, among others.

On Awards and Achievements: Elizabeth Warren has been named the Bostonian of the year, named among the 100 Most Influential People in the World in 2009/10/15 by Times magazine, named among the most influential Attorneys in U.S and among the top 40 influential attorneys of the decade. She is also a recipient of Lelia J. Robinson Award, an inductee of Oklahoma Hall of Fame among other awards.

Net Worth, Salary & Income

Elizabeth Warren net worth currently stands at $15 million. The source Elizabeth Warren net worth fortune is her earnings from being a lecturer, and a research associate in several universities, she has also earned from her advisory roles in various commissions where she has been hired. The Government of U.S also contributed to Elizabeth Warren net worth value by making her the TARP oversight chair and the director of Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Another source of Elizabeth Warren net worth is her salary from being the United States Senator from Massachusetts.

5 Facts You Need To Know About Elizabeth Warren

Senator Elizabeth Warren is one of the most popular political figures in America today and sometimes generates a lot of buzzes. Today we shall look deeply on a few things you probably don’t know, and you need to know about Elizabeth Warren.

1. Jim Warren, her ex-husband, was a NASA mathematician.

2. At one time she was an advocate of school choice.

3. Did you know that in 2014 and 2015 Warren didn’t disclose $1.3 million line of credit she received from Bank of America in 2007?

4. She is nicknamed ‘Fauxcahontas” for being a liar on her Native American status.

5. She didn’t endorse Hillary Clinton until she won over 15 states.

Looking at the figures in Elizabeth Warren net worth, they portray a successful woman in her career. Recently she emailed all her supporters telling them she will run for Senate seat and we wish her all the best.

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