Bow Wow Net Worth 2018

Bow Wow is a record producer, TV host, an actor and a rap artist who has a surprisingly a low net worth value that completely doesn’t reflect his success in the industry. Bow net worth used to be $30 million some time back having sold more than 10 million records.

But do you know what cause Bow Wow net worth natural death is the extravagant life of beautiful women, private jets expensive champagnes and living a generally lavish lifestyle? Sometime back or rather back in the day, Bow Wow used to reign over Hip Hop, but today he is on the downward speed lane and moving super-fast unless he does something about it. Given the current situation allow me to enlighten you on the actual Bow Wow net worth figures as of 2018 and moreover reveal those juicy secrets you don’t know about Bow Wow and much more.

Early Life

Bow Wow Net Worth 2019

Shad Gregory Moss alias Bow Wow is the son of Alfonso Preston and Teresa Rena Caldwell who gave birth to him in 1987 in Columbus, Ohio. Bow Wow pursued his education and later graduated in an unknown school since his education background is not well hackneyed.

Personal Life

He is now a father to one girl, Shai Moss (b.2011) whom he got with his girlfriend, Joie Chavis. Since they are not living together, Bow Wow upkeeps his daughter with $3,000 allowance per month.


Bow Wow’s passion in music started at the age of 3, and his first performance was in 1993 where he entertained at a gig in Los Angeles and caught the attention of many including Snoop Dogg. His profession was streamlined in 1998 by a producer called Jermaine and the following year the two released a song, ‘The Stick Up’. His breakthrough came when he launched his debut studio album; ‘Beware Of Dog’ in 2000 which was later certified double gold by RIAA.

Before changing his name from Lil Bow Wow to simply Bow Wow, he released his second Studio album, ‘Doggy Bag’ where most of its singles topped the billboards records. He is currently signed to Bad Boys Record Label since 2015, and his other studio albums are Wanted (2005), The Price Of Fame (2006), and New Jack City II (2009)

In his career Bow Wow has got the chance to work with notable musicians like Snoop Dog, Soulja Boy, Ciara, Chris Brown, among others. Other than the music he has also been featured in several films and television shows. Some of the latest films and television shows which he has appeared in are Hurricane Season (2009), Allegiance (2013), CSI: Cyber (2015) and Growing up Hip-hop: Atlanta (2017). Bow Wow reported that he would retire from the music industry as soon as he releases his last studio album, ‘NYLTH’ in 2018.

Awards & Achievements: Bow Wow has received quite a number of nominations in 2 BET awards and has won three awards including 1 Bet Award, 1 Billboard Award and 1 Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards in the category of Viewers Choice, Rap Single Of The Year and Favorite Male Singer respectively.

Net worth, salary & earnings

Bow Wow net worth is at $1.5 million as of the day of writing. Bow Wow net worth fortune has been earned through the sale of more than 10 million albums. But the situation of a net worth value of $1.5 million has not been the case as he was once valued at $30 million but the lavish lifestyle the rapper has dipped his legs and arms into has really destroyed a big chunk of his wealth. Other than music sales Bow Wow net worth received a boost from hosting gigs, films, and television shows and also brand endorsement deals.

9 Facts You Need To Know About

Bow Wow used to have a sizeable net worth fortune that truly reflected his achievements and success but that’s behind us now, and it’s a thing of the past to him. You know he has spent a lot of time on the spotlight hence subject to scrutiny by the public, but there are still some things that may have missed your eyes. You may have known the many lies he posts of himself having lots of cash traveling in a private jet yet he is on economy class in a commercial flight but here are nine facts you don’t know about Bow Wow.

1. Do you love WWE, are you a die-hard fan? Well, Bow Wow used to be like you though he is no more.

2. Do you know one of his favorite delicacies? It’s chocolate chip cookies that don’t have the chips.
His all-time favorite food it’s the yummy seafood, Alfredo.

3. Who’s your all-time favorite musician? Well, his is none other but the legend Michael Jackson. What about an actor? his is Don Cheadle.

4. His favorite drink is the Hawaiian Punch.

5. When an egg is cooked, he will go for the white parts only.

6. His very first car was a Nissan 350Z.

7. If he would live in another country outside America that would be South Africa.

8. Among his most favorite gifts that he has ever received from a fan is a portrait of him pointing to himself.

9. Who watched The Wiz? this film scares him, and he can’t stand to watch it.

Bow Wow net worth fortune which is not worth his personality should serve as a warning to those who dissipate their wealth forgetting there is tomorrow. But aside all he is doing well in his career, and we wish him all the best and good progression on his net worth figures in 2019.

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