Nelly Net Worth 2018

Exactly what happened to Nelly’s net worth? What are the facts regarding Nelly’s IRS Dues? Now there is #SaveNelly hashtag? What’s going on with Nelly life? Nelly is a United States of America based singer, songwriter, a rapper, an investor and a businessman, in addition, an occasional actor.

Nelly has been ranked as the fourth best-selling rap artist of all time in the US has recorded sales of more than 21 million album units and been named one of the top artist of the decade. To date, the artist has released seven studio albums with Country Grammar debut studio album which has been certified Diamond having sold more than 10 million copies globally being his most successful album to date.

Recently the International Revenue Service (IRS) slapped Nelly with a $2.4 million unpaid tax which triggered #SaveNelly hashtag where fans were mobilizing to purchase his music in order to promote him and enable him to settle the debt. That raised the question in many fans minds on exactly what’s Nelly net worth in 2018 and what happened to Nelly net worth figures which were amounting to $60 million. Apart from Nelly’s worth, we have listed down a few things you don’t know about Nelly.

Early Life

Nelly Net Worth 2019

Born Cornell Iral Haynes in 1974 Nelly was bred in Austin, Texas by his military dad, Sherman and his mother, Theresa. Seven years later, his folks separated leading him to relocate with his mum to another location together with his two sibling’s Nijel and Chaz. After moving from St. Louis, Nelly studied at the University City, Missouri and during his high days, he grew his passion in music where he established a hip-hop troop called St. Lunatics.

Personal Life

One of his first relationships was with Kelly Rowland in 2002, and after breaking up, he has been in other six affairs including with Nicole Narain in 2004 and Shantel Jackson in 2014. He has two children namely Charnel Haynes and Cornell Haynes III.


Nelly music career kicked off in 1993 while in a group which rose to prominence after releasing their first song, Gimme What Ya Got. Their hip-hop troop, St. Lunatics, later signed a musical deal with Universal Studios in 1999 owned by A&R Kevin Law. In 2000, he decided to go solo with the same label where its members despised him because he performed Midwest hip hop. His breakthrough came in 2000 after launching his debut studio album Country Grammar which topped as a single song in the Billboard Records at no.7 and no.1 in the category of Hot 100 and Hot Rap tracks respectively. The Album became Nelly best-selling album of all time having been certified Diamond for making sales above 10 million.

What followed is him launching his second studio album entitled Nellyville (2002) where one of its single, Hot in Here gained worldwide recognition and auctioned over 7.6 million pieces. The album was fruitful where it was also certified double platinum six times in 2003 by RIAA. His other studio albums released by Nelly include Sweat (2004), Suit (2004), Brass Knuckles (2008), 5.0 (2010) and M.O (2013). He also got a chance to collaborate with several key figures such as Kelly Rowland, T.I, Ashanti, Florida and George Line.

Other than music Nelly has appeared in a number of films and television shows where his latest appearances are in Reach Me (2014), Nellyville (2014-2015), and The Platinum Life (2017-present).

Apart from being a hip-hop artist, he is well known as a businessman who has invested in the fashion industry and has ladies and men clothing brand called Apple Bottoms and Vocal respectively. Before Charlotte Bobcats was sold to Jordan, he was the holder of the company.

On Nelly Awards and Achievements: The legend he is Nelly has won many accolades and honours among them is two Grammy Awards in the category of Best Male Rap Solo Performance (2003) and Best Rap Performance (2004). He has also championed in the American Music Awards, Bet Awards, Billboard Music Awards and many more.

Net Worth, Salary & Income

Nelly net worth in 2018 cannot be estimated exactly the number, but it is now in the negatives between -$3 to -$5 million. Nelly was nailed with a $2,412,283 federal tax lien in August 2016, in addition to $149,511 in unpaid state taxes from 2013. The rapper’s recent debt makes him liable to have his assets and property seized by the IRS. Fans and celebrities alike are coming to the rescue to round up funds but many people are annoyed at Nelly for not paying his taxes like a good American citizen, and are refusing to help. Till the date, Nelly unable to pay his Taxes but sources close to Nelly says that he is working with tax authorities to resolve this issue. If Nelly doesn’t pay what he owes to the IRS, they could seize his assets. And then, it well could be “Bye, Porsche.”

At one-time Nelly net worth used to be $60 million. Most of Nelly’s wealth was attributed to his music sales as its reported by IRS that he is the 4th best-selling rapper having sold more than 21 million album units worldwide. Most of his albums have received a platinum certifications others Platinum while others such as “Country Grammar” receiving Diamond certification for selling over 10 million units. Another source of Nelly net worth fortune was his clothing line Vokal and Apple Bottoms and don’t forget he made revenue from his acting roles in films and television shows and endorsement deals too with companies such as Ford Motor, Reebok and others.

5 Facts You Need To Know About

Nelly is a household name in the entertainment industry and even though recently the name is gaining popularity in media houses for the wrong reasons from being accused of tax evasions to charges of sexual assault. So how well do you know Nelly? Here are a few things/facts you don’t know about Nelly.

1. Did you know that Nelly was raised up by the mother because his parents divorced when he was just 7?

2. The Apple Bottoms Clothing Line you know of that’s his own business.

3. Before he made his debut on the big screen in “Nellyville” he has made appearances on a smaller screen way before on “The World Series of Poker” and “CSI: NY”.

4. Do you know, he was once a co-owner of Charlotte Bobcats basketball team?

5. He is a vegetarian and doesn’t like steak and chicken.

As a fan of Nelly, we really hope that he will conquer the battle of taxes and we are asking if you love his songs just purchase one to save him and he might just make a comeback.

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