P Diddy Net Worth

P Diddy Net Worth

Sean Combs, popular by his stage names Diddy or P Diddy is a well-known rapper and entrepreneur. Some of the most successful albums of Combs are Press Play, Forever, No Way Out, and Last Train to Paris. The annual income of this talented rapper is more than $130 million. Keep reading to know more about P Diddy’’s net worth.

Early Life

He was born on 4th November 1969 in the home of father Melvin Earl Combs and mother Janice in Manhattan, New York City. His father served in the US Air Force, whereas Sean’s mother was a teacher assistant. Combs father was shot to death when he was just 2 years old.

He studied at the Roman Catholic Mount Saint Michael Academy, where Sean played football for the institution and even won a title in 1986. Following year, Combs get graduated from this academy and given a nickname Puff. After that, he takes admission in the business major course at Howard University. However, he left the college in its first year. The destiny takes a turn when Sean receives an honorary Doctorate degree in Humanities from Howard University in 2014. He even gave a speech while addressing 146th Commencement of the university.

Personal Life

Diddy is the father of six children, but he never married in his life. However, he has a relationship with several women that include design Miss Hylton Brim, Kimberly Porter, and Sarah Chapman. His first child Justin born in 1993 to Miss Hylton, whereas he has three children with Porter whose names are Jessie James, D’Lila Star, and Christian. He adopted Quincy Brown in 1993 whom Porter have from his first marriage. Combs is also the father of daughter Chance that was born to Sarah Chapman. In addition to that, Sean has a brief relationship with one of the most popular American singer Jennifer Lopez.

Professional Career

The music career of this top-class rapper and singer start when his first studio album No Way Out released in 1997. It tastes lots of success and reaches the first position within the first week of its release by selling more than 561,000 copies. Many label artists made guest appearances on this album.

His second album “Forever” released in 1999 that immediately reaches the #2 position on the Billboard 200. He enjoys the same level of success with the albums released in the following years. It includes “The Saga Continues”, “Last Train to Paris”, and “Press Play”.

Other than a very successful music career, he is also a very well-known business and owns a clothing line under the name Sean John.

Awards & Achievements

Diddy has received plenty of awards and accolades in his glorious career. He is the winner of BET Wards in the categories Video of the Year and Viewer’s Choice. Additionally, he has won MTV Video Music Awards for his song “I’ll Be Missing You” and “It’s All About the Benjamins”.

That’s not all, he is also a 3-time Grammy award winner in the categories “Best Rap Album” and Best Rap Performance by a Group.

Net worth of Sean Combs aka P Diddy

P Diddy net worth is about $820 million as the day of writing. He had earned this amount of money through the sale of his music albums and performing on the stage over the years. Additionally, his business ventures that include a clothing line and restaurants allow him to make a huge level of profits and increase net worth.

Without any doubt, Sean Combs will go as one of the best rappers ever produced in the history books. We simply believe that he will continue his music career with full passion and enjoy a healthy business profit.

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