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Even though some people refer to Soulja Boy as a one-hit wonder because of the commercially successful song “Crank That ( Soulja Boy)”, he is one of the best rappers of our time. The rapper who is also an actor and a producer as well as the first artist in history to make sales above three million of his digital music.

Though today he has slowed down on music since we do not hear much about him he has been having business deals with companies such as YUMS and World Poker Fund Holdings worth millions of dollars. So today what’s Soulja Boy’s net worth as of 2018 and how rich is Soulja Boy, let’s find out.

Early Life

Soulja Boy Net Worth 2019

Soulja Boy real name is DeAndre Cortez Way, and he was sired in 1990 by his mother, Lisa Way and his father Tracy Way in Chicago, Illinois. After the divorce of his parents, Way relocated with her mother at the age of 6 together with his junior brother and accustomed a poor livelihood. Being a smart kid, he enrolled in Batesville’s South Panola High School, but music impinged on his marks leading him to fall short.

Personal Life

Soulja boy being currently single had engaged himself in relations with various ladies starting from his first lover, Nai Riley to British Williams whom he broke up with recently in 2016.


At the age of seven, the young rapper used to upload his rap music on YouTube and MySpace platforms having a passion and talent in singing and rapping. After their family moved to Mississippi, his dad bestowed a transcribe studio for the young boy to examine his musical aspirations. Prior to that, his mentor, Young Kwon, had advanced him to the field of music by teaching him how to generate beats where he videotaped his first demo. As technology and internet paved his way to fame, Soulja Boy used to record his songs and videos; later he formed a group ‘The 30/30 Boys’ together with his friend, Arab. Although the group broke and each one of them continued with their profession individually, they still remained allies. As a teenager, he started entertaining at nightclub events, in 2004 after making a deal with Derrick Crooms who was the executive.

His debut single ‘Crank That’ which he launched in March 2007 together with his solo album ‘Unsigned and Still Major’ ruled on the Billboard Hot chart and Hot Ringmasters lists. The song also led to an accolade-winning platform (HBO series Entourage) on August 12, 2007. He later released an inexpensive video showing the “Crank That” dance moves. Other than the dance being captivating and featuring dynamic characters like sponge bob square pants, its motions are catchy and famous in the US.

When the debut single was first played, Soulja boy and Collipark met in order to sign a record label known as Interscope. After signing the deal, he launched which was alleged to have been released using a trial form of a studio known as ‘FL’. Apart from the negative reviews of this album, it was accredited by RIAA for being platinum.

After being nominated for Best Rap Song upon his debut “Crank That”, in the 50th Grammy Awards, Soulja boy forfeited the win to “Good Life” a song by T-pain and Kanye West. On December 16, 2008, the young rapper launched his other album, iSouljaBoyTellem. This debut album had singles such as the “Bird Walk “, which topped on the Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs. His famous song “Kiss Me Thru the Phone” which he collaborated with Sammie was also ranked on the Hot Rap Tracks list as no.1 and topped on the Hot 100 as no.3. In addition, his third debut single, “Turn My Swag On”, which was launched on January 26, 2009, topped at no.19 on the Billboard Hot chart and was also ranked in the US Rap list.

In the 2009, the rapper was not successful as some of his singles were not recognised anywhere in the charts, the songs included his three album series namely; Cortez, Dat Piff, and Paranormal Activity and his tertiary album, ‘The DeAndre’ which he wanted to join up with other renowned artists such as Lil Wayne. “Pretty Boy Swag “, which was released on June 8, 2010, topped at no.34, no.6 and no.5 on the billboard hot chart, R&B/Hip-Hop Songs lists, and Rap Songs chart respectively.

In November 2010, Way discarded to journey in the Summer beats tour in Australia in order to commence on his own stint called “Who They Want” which was to pillar his impending album. The rapper launched various album series in 2011 such as; ‘smooky’,’1UP’, ‘Juice’, ‘Bernard Arnault EP’, ’21 EP’, ‘The Last Crown’, and he also proved to be working on his freshest album, ‘Promise’, which was launched in October including many more others.

The following year, Way began with a collaboration song ‘Mario & Domo’ with Young L. His album series release advanced in the rest of the year having been his second year to consequently release such since he wanted to be as creative as possible. Way ended the year with a bang by launching ‘LOUD’, which was his key debut album to be delivered on the iTunes platform.

Though his record contract lapsed in 2013, Way progressed to launched his albums where he released ‘Foreign’ on February 22. This was not a hindrance since he had his own record label called the Stacks on Deck Entertainment which he launched in 2004, and has also signed numerous artists.

He progressed with his fourth studio album ‘Loyalty’ in 2014 and had consistently continued to release more album series in 2015. Way launched his fifth and sixth albums in 2016 which had several album series including; ‘Drop The Top’ and ‘Day One’ which he released on January 24, and June 9 respectively through his new record brand entertainment.

Ways sixth album, ‘Better Late Than Never’ starred artists such as Lil Yatchy and Lil Twist. His recent album series, ‘Ignorant Shit’ which starred Bow Wow, was launched on October 25, 2016.

Net Worth, Salary & Income

Being the best-selling artist of all time, most of his debut singles have sold over 2,000,000 copies in the US earning him millions of dollars. In this year, Soulja Boy’s net worth is at $40 million after acquiring million dollar contract recently from the company World Poker Fund. In exchange for promoting the company’s product, Soulja Boy has received 1.5 million shares of the company. World Poker Fund spokesperson Matthew Bird told Forbes. “The deal is capped at $400 million, and it’s based on a forward-thinking valuation of the company. The deal, according to Bird, includes both stock and revenue-sharing.

Other than rapping, Way has ventured into various on and off businesses as he launched his official clothing line ‘S.O.D clothing’ and also his shoe collection ‘Yums’ in 2008 among other companies. All this adds up to his net worth making him among the richest artists. Endorsements being his source of income too, he engaged in a 5-year contract with World Poker Fund Holdings.

8 Things You Didn’t Know about Soulja Boy

DeAndre Cortez Way is one of the most controversial artists in the industry. Way has picked up a fight nearly with everyone including Ice T, Charles Hamilton, Bow Wow, Hospin, Chief Keef, Chris Brown, and not just with his fellow music artists but also with the United States Army. Clearly, there’s a lot more in the world of Soulja Boy than meets the eye hence here we have listed down a few things you probably don’t know about Soulja Boy.

1. He was accused for breaching on the copyright of William Lyons, also known as Souljah Boy with an ‘h’, the real inventor of his name.

2. In 2011, his junior brother was killed in a car accident.

3. Aside from having a tight security to protect his household, he holds a gun in every room. Although back in 2011 he got rid of the guns.

4. Sometime ago Soulja Boy used to charge fans $3.99 to retweet fans and $1.99 to follow a fan.

5. If you know Soulja Boy, you must be familiar with his song “Kiss Me Thru the Phone” and do you know that the phone number in the song was an actual cell phone number but it wasn’t his but it was a real-life couple phone number. Fans called almost 100 calls a day trying to reach Soulja Boy.

6. He was banned from the military for actually insulting the men in uniform especially the army and the FBI in one of his songs “Let’s Be Real”.

7. Having a passion to release a film about himself, the rapper proclaimed to launch his own animation series on January 7, 2009, where only one episode was released and aired.

8. Apart from the dollar signs on his neck, the rapper has also tattooed his arm and chest.

If you would wish to listen to Soulja Boy albums here is a list of some of his works. (2007), iSouljaBoyTellem (2008), The DeAndre Way (2010), Loyalty (2015) and Draco (2017). Apart from music you know Soulja Boy does films too and some of the films he has been Officer Down 2013, Malice N Wonderland 2010, The Bachelorette season 9, love & HipHop Hollywood among others. That’s how Soulja Boy worth adds up.

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