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If you had a thing for punk and grunge in the 1990’s, then you are probably aware of the star I am going to talk about today. Courtney Love is an American singer-songwriter, actor, visual artist, philanthropist and humanitarian. A multi-faceted personality, she is a sweetheart for some and a notoriously erratic bold personality for others. She is not the typical girl-next-door, but those who have worked with her often describe her as a down-to-earth person.

Not one to follow a pattern, Courtney has experimented with all kinds of music- right from melodious artistic tunes to vulgar jaw-dropping creations, she has literally done it all! She doesn’t go by the rules and has always preferred to go by her erratically free-spirited heart. Courtney always knew what she wanted to be a star. She just needed someone to coax the magic out of her. She eventually did become a star, but owing to her persona, not a typical one. She became her own version of an infamous and conscientious star who remained somewhat of a paradox always, but never failed to capture the hearts of the masses with her unpredictable and disarming charm! So let’s find this celebrity net worth.


Born as Courtney Michelle Harrison in San Francisco, California, Courtney adopted the surname Love while working as a stripper illegally in Downtown Portland. She later decided to keep the name. According to psychology, the first five years of any child’s life are very crucial since, it’s the time when they learn and develop the most. These years shape the adult they will eventually grow up to be.

Courtney Love Biography 2019

I can think of no other clear manifestation of this theory than in the life of Courtney Love. Her parents, Linda Carroll and Hank Harrison divorced in 1969, after which her father was given her custody until her mother claimed that he had fed LSD to her. The father, of course, denied the allegation, but Courtney was in therapy at the age of two, the age at which she was supposed to have been playing with toys and running around in the park!

The horrific beginning paved the way for a disturbed childhood in which she has arrested for shoplifting a t-shirt at the age of 14 and was sent to a juvenile hall in Salem. She was in foster care until the age of 16 and then she started supporting and earning for herself. She worked hard to get where she is now. Her’s a rag to riches story, but she wouldn’t want us to say that about her. So, let’s learn more about her career which spans 37 years now. She has done 25+ movies in her career, three soundtrack albums, two music videos and five singles. She has worked on television as well.

Personal Life

For Courtney Love, houses and families changed really fast, as her mother moved around a lot and got married four times. She attended Montessori school in Oregon, but struggled academically and had trouble making friends. A psychologist even went on to suggest that she might have autism when she was nine years old. She was expelled from her next school, Nelson College for Girls in New Zealand. She worked at various odd jobs to pay her bills while studying English and Philosophy at Portland State University. Courtney Love used the small fund that she inherited from her adoptive grandparents to travel to Dublin where her biological father was living and studied theology from Trinity College.

Courtney Love married Kurt Cobain in February 1992 and had a daughter, Frances Bean Cobain with him. Kurt Cobain later committed suicide.

Professional Career

Courtney Love formed two bands namely, “Sugar Babylon” and “Pagan Babies” in the 1980’s and also became a part of “Faith No More”, as a vocalist and “Babes in Toyland”, as a concert promoter. She later shifted her focus to acting and enrolled herself at the San Francisco Art Institute. She has featured in the short film “Club Vatican” and a number of movies, like “Sid and Nancy” and “Straight to Hell”. She also had her fair share of Television roles in shows, like “Andy Warhol’s Fifteen Minutes”.

She eventually lost interest in acting as well and went back to stripping. Around this time, she wasn’t at ease, and it is clear in the fact that she went to Alaska to “gather her thoughts”. At the end of 1988, she taught herself to play the guitar and moved to Los Angeles where she formed a band named “Hole” and recruited three other people in it. To pay for the touring van, band equipment and other expenses, she continued working at a strip club as a part-time job. The band’s first single, “Retard Girl” came out in 1990 and a year after that “Dicknail” was released. Her first studio album, “Pretty on the Inside” was praised by the indie and punk rock critics and soon gained a following in the United Kingdom.

Her band’s second album, “Live through this” was released in 1994, a week after Courtney’s husband was found dead. The album was a success and received Platinum RIAA certification. Her reputation, however, started changing soon, as she often became hysterical and unpredictable while performing on stage. Her compilation album, “My Body, the Hand Grenade” and the third studio album, “Celebrity Skin” were released a year apart and garnered great success. The title track of the latter became a number 1 hit on the Modern Rock Tracks chart. Her 1996 movie, “The People vs Larry Flynt” attracted cinematic notoriety for her.

She acted in a supporting role in the movie thriller, “Trapped”. Where on the one hand, she was making headlines for her successful music career, she was also grabbing eyeballs worldwide courtesy her drug addiction and the legal and health issues that followed, on the other. She released the album, “Nobody’s Daughter” after reforming the band “Hole”. Besides this, she has been cast in various television series, like “Sons of Anarchy”, “Revenge” and “Empire”. In 2017, she was cast in Justin Kelly’s biopic “JT LeRoy”.

Awards and achievements

Courtney Love has won 7 awards and seven nominations so far in her career. She won various awards for her supporting role in “The People vs. Larry Flynt” including the Boston Society of Film Critics award, Florida Film Critics Circle award and New York Film Circles award.

Net worth of Courtney Love

The total net worth of Courtney Love is a considerable $150 Million according to Thewealthrecord. The net worth of Courtney Love comes from her deceased husband’s band Nirvana that she inherited after his death. She has inherited a lot more after Kurt’s death, but has claimed to have lost most of the money.

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10 facts you need to know about Courtney Love.

We have established enough about Courtney Love to know that her personality isn’t one to mess with, but of course, rumours are always going to follow her wherever she goes, thanks to her immensely successful career. Let’s check out some of the interesting facts that add to her enigmatic persona.

1. When she posted an advertisement on Craiglist in hopes of finding a bassist for her band “Hole”, she received only one response.

2. She was fired from the band “Faith No More” because they needed a male energy.

3. In 2010, she ran a fashion blog called “What Courtney Wore Today” in which she recorded her day to day outfits.

4. She earned a Golden Globe nomination for her performance in “The People vs. Larry Flynt”.

5. During her time in rehab, she wrote an anti-cocaine song called “Loser Dust”.

6. She has a utopian vision and is ready to sacrifice her time, energy and money for a better world.

7. She is a human rights activist and is all about equality.

8. She was the spokesperson of the company NJOY.

9. She tried heroin for the first time at Charlie Sheen’s place.

10. She has been nominated for four Grammy awards but hasn’t won any yet.

As already stated in the beginning, Courtney Love is a paradox. Her words will cut sharp as a knife, but there’s also a human side to her which is engaged in various charities and dreams for an ideal world. Courtney Love has the strong power to delight, horrify and mesmerize her audience all at once. We wish her luck for her future endeavours.

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  1. 3.5 years ago, I had a brain injury. At the time, I couldn’t say/read/write at all. This is called aphasia. I had to relearn the entire language of English. I had to relearn all of my abilities: writing, photographer, contortionist, sword swallower, suspensions, and a music maker.

    Three years ago, I only remembered one song in the world. This song is called “Miss World,” by Hole. Now, I remember that Courtney Love was my favorite person in the music world.

    So, I made a cover of Miss World, and I made a new song, called “Liar Liar.” I want to work with Courtney Love for this song. I have been working so long to get better, and I want something back. I want to work with a woman who means everything to me, even if we only make this song. It would mean everything to me!

    This isn’t even about money. This is about work. All that I have wanted for three years is work, and I have been working so hard to get work. Also, know that it took a whole year for me to relearn how to sing. Yes, my life is hard, but I love hard things, lol! So, let’s do this. This would be the best part of my life so far, LOL. It truly would be. I want to work with the woman who has always been so much to me! Please know that I am not crazy. Everything that I am saying is true.

    I am living in Las Vegas, NV. I really hope that we can talk about this in the future. I am ready when you are!

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