Jeffree Star Net Worth 2018

What’s Jeffree Star net worth in 2018 and how much Jeffree worth today? Jeffree Star for those who aren’t familiar with him, he is a singer and a songwriter, he is also a make-up artist, a famous YouTube star, a model and a fashion designer. He started out in the days of Myspace where his music had over 25 million plays, and as of today he has released three Eps, Plastic Surgery Slumber Party – (2007), Cupcakes Taste Like Violence – (2008), Mr. Diva – (2012) and one debut studio album Beauty Killer (2009).

His YouTube channel has over 6 million subscribers’ where he posts makeup tutorials, reviews makeups and give information on what’s trending in the fashion and beauty industry. Let’s get to see how much is Jeffree Star net worth in 2018 and also highlight a few things you probably don’t know about Jeffree Star.

Early Life

Jeffree Star Net Worth 2019

Jeffery Lynn Steininger alias Jeffree Star was born in 1985 in Orange County, California where his father passed away while he was still tender. That left him to be brought up by his mum who moiled as a model. He studied at Junior High School where he used to wear makeup while going to school copying his mother’s style. Soon after graduating he sought to work in various places where he did music, modelling, and makeup chores.

Personal Life

On his personal and relationship life, Jeffree has been dating his boyfriend Nathan Schwandt, and together they stay in Calabasas, California.


Jeffree career in modelling started while he was still a young person where he used to appear in Hollywood meetings using a counterfeit ID, and he wore undersized dresses and high stilettos. Many renowned personalities in that club used to consult him regarding their makeup and soon after, he got a job there in modelling. For his fashion and music career, he took advantage of social media where he used MySpace to promote his brand. In the platform, Jeffree writes about his personal life and also about beauty and fame. He has a huge fan base on his page where he acquires more than 50,000 reviews on his posts, and his video views total to 25 million. This led him to gain prominence and be regarded as the most famous unattested artists with a huge following on the MySpace platform. In addition, he has more than 745 million views on his music videos, and over 6.2 million people are subscribed to his YouTube channel.

His profession in music was influenced by Samantha Maloney who consoled him to concentrate on music as pop and an electronic performer. In 2009, he rose to fame after launching his studio album, dubbed Beauty Killer and later he was featured in Kesha’s TV song, Take It Off which debuted in 2010. Other of his studio albums include; Plastic Surgery Slumber Party 2007, Cupcakes Taste like Violence 2008, Beauty Killer 2009, Mr. Diva 2012, and Love to My Cobain 2013. In his career, he managed to associate with the likes of Duece, JayyVon, Nicki Minaj, Kesha, Millionaires and Blood on the Dance Floor.

Jeffree has moreover ventured into media where he has appeared in films and TV shows/series like Hella Crazy 2008, What Now 2015, LA Ink 2007-2011, Spread Entertainment 2007 and Video On Trial 2007-2008. To improve his brand, he has conducted many concert gigs including; I’m So Fierce! Tour 2008, I’m Pregnant, Lets Party Tour 2008, The Fresh Meat Tour 2010-2011, and many more.

On Awards And Achievements: Jeffree is yet to be awarded any official accolade but since he is a talented musician, fashion designer and a model who pulls in sales above $1 million.

Net Worth, Salary & Income

Jeffree Star net worth is about $6.5 million. Jeffree star net worth fortune has been amassed through YouTube where he can generate over 700k views that will give him an estimated $480k a year on YouTube ads. He also makes money thorough brand endorsement deals, his music also contributes to his net worth fortune and don’t forget the cosmetic sales also do give a boost to Jeffree Star net worth fortune.

6 Facts You Need To Know About Jeffree Star

Jeffree Star is the kind of a man who will coarse you in buying a product you have even never heard off if you just listen to his alluring sweet-talking marketing skills. Here are a few things you probably don’t know about Jeffree Star.

1. He advocates homosexual and is currently in a gay relationship.

2. He termed Jackie Aina, one of his competitors in the industry, an irrelevant rat.

3. He once un-followed and blocked some of the biggest supporters from his social networks.

4. He likes to get involved in drama and uses his pages to lash at his haters.

5. Did you know that he is a racist?

6. He was also involved in controversies with Kylie Jenna regarding her beauty products.

If you’re a lady and you’re struggling with make-up and other beauty product why don’t you subscribe to his channel and get some good reviews and get to learn as well.

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