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Jessica Simpson the pop star who tuned retail mogul is a singer, businesswoman, fashion designer and an actress. Initially, even though he is still a musician, Jessica was among the most successful female artist in the world selling millions of copies of her albums globally. The best of them all in relation to commercial success was her third studio album In This Skin which sold over 7 million units globally.

Today she is still in the show business actually her eighth studio album is on the way coming slated to be released in 2018, but business is what has really boosted Jessica Simpson net worth. She is the founder and the owner of The Jessica Simpson collection which is a fashion line clothing brand with more than 30 products categories. To date, the brand has over $1 billion in revenue making it to be the most successful celebrity founded brand of all time. With such a profile lets indulge into discussing Jessica Simpson net worth in 2018 and a few things you probably don’t know about Jessica Simpson.

Early Life

Jessica Simpson Net Worth 2019

Jessica Ann Simpson is an actress, fashion designer and a singer born in 1990 in Abilene, Texas to Joseph Simpson who moiled as a church minister & a clinician and Tina Ann who was a housewife. She is the oldest child and has another sibling, her sister known as Ashlee Simpson. Due to her father’s church work, she was brought up as a Christian, and her family used to move from one location to another.

For a short time, Jessica enrolled at J.J Pearce High School, and before getting her degree, she had quit school in order to pursue her music career.

Personal Life

In 1998, she began her first relationship with Nick Lechery, and the two got married in 2002. The couple divorced in 2006 and the following year she had an affair with Tony Romo but they broke up in 2009. After having her two children, Maxwell Drew Johnson (2012) and Ace Knute Johnson (2014) she got into matrimony with Eric Johnson in 2014.


Being raised as a church girl, Jessica began singing as a kid at her choir where her talent grew. At the age of 12, she appraised for the Mickey Mouse club where she danced The Ice Ice Baby and sang Amazing Grace. Although she did not win, she reached the semi-finals and was competing with the likes of Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera. During those days, her father was her administrator while her mother became her designer.

After being signed to several studios, she finally settled with Columbia records, and in 1999, she released I Wanna Love You Forever which debuted at no.3 in the Billboard charts. The single was also certified platinum by RAA. Her next breakthrough was in 1999 after she released her mixtape, Sweet Kisses which was ranked at no. 65 on the top 200 records and auctioned over 65,000 pieces after its debut.

Between 1999 to date, she has released seven studio albums which are Sweet Kisses (1999), Irresistible (2001), In the Skin (2003), Rejoice: The Christmas Album (2004), A Public Affair (2006), Do You Know (2008), and Happy Christmas (2010)

In addition to singing, she is a well-known entrepreneur and a fashion designer. Being a businesswoman, she opened her pregnancy clothing and perfume line in 2012, and in 2014 she started her bedding adornment line. Today she runs The Jessica Simpson collection which is the most successful celebrity brand business with over a billion in revenue. As an actor, Jessica has starred in several films such as The Master Of Disguise (2002), Employee O The Month (2006), The Love Guru (2008) and TV series like The Twilight Zone (2003), Dancing With The Stars (2008), Entourage(2010) And others.

On Awards and Achievements: Jessica has in total won 56 accolades and 110 nominations. The awards include 3 Billboard Music Awards, 2 People’s Choice Awards and 7 Teen Choice Awards. Some of her nominations are in the category of Favourite Female Artist, Pop Artist of the Year, Breakthrough Artist, Best Original Song, among others.

Net Worth, Salary & Income

Jessica Simpson net worth is at $175 million as of the date of writing. The source of Jessica Simpson net worth fortunes of $175 million has largely been contributed by The Jessica Simpson collection of clothing, handbags, shoes and beauty products which makes over $1 billion in sales every year hence taking home millions of dollars. Her music sales which turn out to three of her albums being certified Gold and two of them receiving multi-Platinum certifications making her total sales to be over 30 million albums has also contributed to Jessica Simpson $175 million wealth. Another of Jessica net worth booster source of income is her acting roles in films and television shows and music tours.

7 Facts You Need To Know About Julia Jessica Simpson

Among the most successful celebrities in the world, Jessica Simpson sits right on top thanks to The Jessica Simpson collection of the fashion line and her commercially successful music career which boosted her overall net worth value to what it is today. Having listened to her music and watched her films let’s get down to the list of things you probably didn’t know about Jessica Simpson.

1. Her favourite lip gloss is “Mac Lip Gloss”.

2. In 2001 she did a performance on president George W. Bush Inauguration that’s back in 2001.

3. When she was married to Nick Lachey, she was a virgin by then.

4. Jessica favourite song of all time is Berlin’s “Take My Breath Away”.

5. Her most favourite actor of all time is Brad Pitt.

6. Her favourite film of all time which she can watch a hundred times is Pretty Woman 1990.

7. Who influenced her into music? Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Aretha Franklin.

Evaluating Jessica Simpson net worth, you will notice that she has worked hard over the years and thanks to the business skills she is among the wealthiest women on the planet. We wish her the best and looking forward to her eighth studio album set to be released in 2018.

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