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Park Jae-Sang famously known as PSY is a record producer a rapper, a singer-songwriter of Korean origin. PSY gained international recognition after he released “Gangnam Style “in 2012 and the song topped music charts in more than 30 countries and became the first song to reach 1 billion views and 2 billion views on YouTube though today it has over 3 billion views.

PSY stage performances and humorous videos have earned him a name among the bigwigs in the music industry. Considering the star, he is in Korea, and in the international circles, one might wonder what PSY net worth is in 2018? Well, worry no more as I have uncovered not only PSY net worth but also a few things you probably don’t know about PSY.

Early Life

PSY Net Worth 2019

Park Jae-Sang, professionally known as PSY was born in 1977 in South Korea to his entrepreneur mum, Kim Young-Hee and his father, Park Won-Ho who was employed as a casual worker. After attending elementary and middle schools, PSY went to Sehwa high school. However, instead of pursuing business at Boston University, PSY took a music course at Berklee College of Music and chased his passion.

Personal Life

Today PSY is a father of twin daughters whom he got with his current girlfriend, Yoo Hye-Yeon.


PSY passion for music started off when he was still in school, and his first advent on TV was in 2000 after he showed off his dancing skills which attracted the TV custodian. His first mixtape, ‘PSY from PSYcho World’ debuted in 2001, but because of its unseemly lyrics, he was charged with the case. After his first album what followed was his 2nd and 3rd mixtape called, ‘Sa 2’ & ‘3 PSY’ respectively. Although his songs had many controversies due to their lyrics, they topped the charts as he continued to be awarded. PSY was once involved with the military, but due to his many duties, he was released to pursue his career.

His breakthrough came after releasing the hit single, ‘Gangman Style’ which debuted in 2012. The song was part of his album, ‘PSY 6 (Six Rules), Part 1’. Before his prominence, he had released albums such as Ssa2 (2002), 3 Mi (2002), Ssajib (2006) and PSY Five (2010). Due to its success, the hit song was recognised as the most acclaimed quotation and was recorded in the Yale Book of Quotations in 2012. In addition, the song broke the YouTube history after gaining over 1 billion video views and 2 billion views in a short span leading PSY to be named as the ‘King of YouTube’. The Song topped the charts not only in Korea and Asian countries but more than 45 countries including iTunes. After his success, he released other mix tapes which included; Chilijip PSY-Da (2015) and his recent ‘4×2=8’ released in 2017.

In his acting career, he has made acting debut in films and TV shows with; Saturday Night Live 2012, Wet Dreams 2002, Radio Star 2017, and many more. PSY has also got an opportunity to associate with notable names in the music industry like 2NE1, BIGMAN, YG family, Lee Hi, Hyuna, and Epic High.

On Awards And Achievements: PSY has won a total of 51 awards and received a total of 71 nominations. Some of the awards he has won are 1 American Music Award, 3 Gaon Chart Music Awards, 2 Golden Disc Awards, 2 Korean Music Awards, 6 Melon Music Awards, 7 Mnet Asian Music Awards among many others.

Net Worth, Salary & Income

PSY net worth stands at $60 million. PSY net worth fortune has largely been contributed by the success of his music career especially the sale of “Gangnam Style” single which been certified 5× Platinum in US, 2× Platinum UK, 10× Platinum Australia, among other countries. Concert tours and YouTube earnings have also boosted PSY net worth considering he was the first artist to have a song on YouTube reach over a billion views, 2 billion views and currently it has over 3 billion views.

5. Facts You Need To Know About PSY

The K-Pop star Mr PSY is not new and if you don’t have an idea whom we are talking to just search “Gangnam Style” and you will definitely enjoy the unique Korean way of dancing. For those who are familiar here are few things you probably don’t know about PSY.

1. Meaning of “Gangnam Style” it pokes fun at Seoul’s wealthiest district Gangnam and its likened to Beverly Hills in Los Angeles.

2. He is a huge fan of rock music, and he is in love with bands such as Queen and people such as Freddie Mercury.

3. Usher told him, he would give him some dancing lessons.

4. He is addicted to drinking.

5. The person who discovered Justin Bieber Scooter Braun now manages PSY.

PSY net worth has been as a result of his hit single which paved the way for him in the international music circles. In 2018-2019 we hope he will bring something magnificent as such.

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