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Tomi Lahren is a famous conservative, former television and online video host and a political commentator. With a combination of beauty and brains she has caught the attention of New York Times and BBC News referring to her as a ‘rising media star” and a young republican bigger than Trump”. She isn’t the type of a woman who will be afraid of expressing her opinions anywhere anytime which didn’t go so well with her former employee TheBlaze. Today she is working with Great America Alliance and the Fox News.

So how has Lahren translated her personal brand and media popularity in terms of net worth value. Well here is a scoop of Tomi Lahren net worth in 2018 and an addition a few things you probably don’t know about Tomi Lahren.

Early Life

Tomi Lahren Net Worth 2019

Tomi Lahren hails from Rapid City, South Dakota where she was born in 1992. She was raised as a Christian by her Norwegian and German parents who worked as militaries. She earned a pedigree in political science and journalism from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas in 2014. While still studying, she anchored ‘The Scramble’, which was their school political based show.

Personal Life

On her personal life, Tomi Lahren has been dating a Navy Seal Jerad Christian, and they have been dating since 2015 although not much can be said about her dating situation today.


2014 marked the year Tomi Lahren show kicked off where she started with ‘On Point with Tomi Lahren’. Although her main aim was to work as an intern, she instead got hired by the One American News Network (OANN) to host the show. In 2015, she attended the yearly Conservative Political Action Conference with other political bigwigs and later gained more prominence after interposing on the Chattanooga shootings video. That same year, she broadcasted of her retraction from the OANN which she made public on her last program. Tomi moved to another media to host a new show, ‘The Blaze’ where she was recognized for her trademark style popularly known as ‘Final Thought’, which was a 3-minute piece that attracted more viewers.

Tomi has been hosted on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, and in 2017 she also appeared on The View where she talked about women and abortion wanting it to be legalized. Due to her leading shows, she was discontinued by the management of the media and later called it quits with the show after suing the company. Mid this year, Tomi started working at Great America Alliance, an organization that supports the current US president, Donald Trump.

After quitting media, she made it clear that she was no longer a broadcaster but a political analyst. As a commentator, she is often criticized by people since she is biased and looks down upon the blacks claiming that they are unemployed and drug addicts. However, she adores potent ladies and supports women empowerment where most of her influence and role models are women in politics.

On Awards And Achievements: Tomi Lahren has not been awarded officially but The New York Times has termed her as “ a rising star”, and even the BBC News has seen her potential calling her one of the biggest Republicans much bigger than Trump.

Net Worth, Salary & Income

Tomi Lahren net worth stands at $4.5 million as of the day of writing. The source of Tomi Lahren net worth is her television host and other roles. Its reported that while working at TheBlaze, her annual salary is $16k. Her net worth has been largely contributed by the numerous shows she had hosted and in addition her political career. Another of Tomi Lahren net worth booster is through endorsement where she supports many political personalities such as Marcia Rubio who vied for the 2016 US elections among others.

5 Facts You Need To Know About Tomi Lahren

Tomi Lahren comments on women should have a legal access to abortion made her quite famous but she is known to express her thoughts without fear on any subject but how well do you know Tomi Lahren. Well here are a few surprising facts you probably don’t know about Tomi Lahren.

1. 11 is her lucky number no wonder she has tattooed it in a Roman form with a semicolon.

2. She has two tattoos on her body, one is wheat leaf crossed by the pasque flower, and the other one is roman numerical 11.

3. She prefers running as her choice of exercise.

4. She adopted a Chihuahua Mutt and called it Kota.

5. She has very few friends and most of her free time is spent with pet Kota.

At her twenties, Tomi Lahren is definitely a rising personality in her career who has many fans both in person and on social media even surpassing Trump on Facebook. With all her potential we are therefore expecting even a higher Tomi Lahren worth figure in the near future.

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