Wendy Williams Net Worth 2018

Wendy Williams is not just an average television personality considering since 1998 she has been hosting The Wendy Williams Show. Apart from being a television host, she is a radio personality, a best seller author, an actor and a fashion designer who deals who deals with various product lines such as wig line, jewelry, and many others.

Wendy has been inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame and also a street where she grew up named after her. Today we shall look into Wendy Williams net worth figures in 2018 and also dig deeper and reveal a few things you probably don’t know about Wendy Williams.

Early Life

Wendy Williams Net Worth 2019

Born Wendy Joan Williams, she is the daughter of Shirley Williams and Thomas. She was inherent in 1964, in Ocean Township, Monmouth County, New Jersey, and was raised in the outskirts together with her two siblings. In 1982, Wendy enrolled at Ocean Township High School and graduated in 1986. She then went to North Eastern University where he earned a caliber in Communications and later worked as a DJ at WRBB which was her schools FM radio.

Personal Life

After divorcing her first husband, she got married again in 1997 to Kevin Hunter. In 2000, they bore a son whom they named Kevin Hunter Jr.


Wendy’s career in media started when she got hired by the WVIS station. After a year, she got a better job to host an afternoon show in the WOL station which was located in Washington, D.C. She was later employed by WEPN-FM in 1989 to be an alternative DJ, but afterward, she got the job fully and played in the morning program. Before calling it quit with radio in 2009, she worked for WUSL and WBLS Medias.

Wendy moved to television wherein 2008, she anchored her buzz program on a pilot dubbed, The Wendy Williams Show. After being fruitful, she was given a full-time job and signed a contract with Debmar-Mercury Media. While hosting the show, she was attracting over 2.4 million fans who watched her. Other hosting gigs which Wendy has appeared over the years include Good Day New York (2007), Love Triangle (2011), The Face (2013), Celebrities Undercover (2014), and many more.

As an actor, she has been featured in movies such as; Think like a Man (2012) and its aftermath; Think like a Man Too (2014). Wendy also owns a creation firm called Wendy William Productions which produced a documentary entitled Wendy Williams: How You Doin’, Broadway?!

Apart from her career, Wendy is also a businesswoman who has ventured into the fashion industry. In 2015, she released her brand of ladies’ clothes (skirts, dresses, sweaters, and pants) called Media Mogul with the HSN company. She also owns a brand of adornment known as Adorn by Wendy Williams.

On Awards and Achievements: Wendy Williams received the Billboard Awards in the category of Radio Personality of the Year and got a nomination for the Emmy Awards in the category of Outstanding Talk Show/Entertainment/Host. In addition to that, in 2009 her show was inducted into the National Radio Hall Of Fame.

Net Worth, Salary & Income

Wendy Williams net worth is at $60 million. Its reported that she makes around $15 million annually which is understandable considering her show is highly rated and is among the most watched in the country. Another source of Wendy Williams net worth apart from her television and radio host jobs she makes some decent income from her various businesses ventures such as a clothing line where she sells dresses, skirts, pants, also she deals with jewelry products, and wigs. She has also done some brand endorsements with companies such as Georges Veselle champagne and PETA.

8 Facts You Need To Know About Wendy Williams

Even though millions of people are used to listen to her on the radio or watch her on television and its been a decade, there is actually more to the host than what you hear on the radio or see on TV. Here are a few things you probably don’t know about Wendy Williams.

1. Did you know that she has never sent any email since she has an attendant who reads and replies for her?

2. As a Christian, she often prays together with her husband before starting her program.

3. She had braces on from her 7th to 10th grade.

4. She is a book lover where so far she has read over 1,000 novels.

5. She was detached her 6th finger which she was born with where it was located on her left palm.

6. Since her husband has pet aversion, she doesn’t possess any.

7. She is her own stylist and does her own nails.

8. For her breakfast, she enjoys munching liver.

Wendy Williams net worth figures is justified considering she has been on the TV and on the radio for over three decades now she isn’t showing any signs of retiring. Looking forward to a prosperous 2018.

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