Conor McGregor Net Worth 2018

The mixed martial Irish artist, the current UFC Featherweight champion, and the highest paid athlete in the UFC recently made headlines when he engaged in one of the highest PPV events in boxing history with non-other than the undisputed champion of boxing his highness Floyd Mayweather.

Conor McGregor may have lost to one of the best boxers of our time, but he earned much more in monetary value and even made his name to appear in the list of the highest paid athletes. After such huge publicity fans are wondering across the world what’s Conor McGregor net worth in the current year 2018? Well here is a breakdown of Conor McGregor worth and his rise to the boxing star he has established himself to be.

Early Life

Conor McGregor Net Worth 2019

Conor Anthony McGregor is just 30 years as of today since he was born in 1988. His father name is Tony and the mother Margaret McGregor and they brought up their child in Crumlin. Conor went to Coláiste de hide in Tallaght an Irish speaking school where he attended his primary and secondary educational level. While at the school he developed passion in football and became a player and a team member at Lourdes Celtic Football Club. It was until the age of 12 the Conor McGregor developed an interest in boxing and started training in Crumlin boxing club. Six years later when he was 18, the family would relocate to Lucan in 2006, where he met Tom Megan a future UFC player, and together they started training in Martial Arts.


His success began when he became victorious in 2007 by winning an amateur fight against his challenger Kieran Campbell through a technical knockout when he was only 18 years old. This success made him secure a contract with Irish cage of truth promotion as a profession. This became a great milestone in his career as he started training in 2008, under John Kavanagh. In 2008, during his first MMA professional fight, he emerged victorious beating his challenger Gary Morris, and also had a win in his second fight against his opponent Mo Taylor. Even though Conor lost in his first Featherweight opener to his challenger then Artemij Sitenkov in the next two subsequent Featherweight fights, Conor emerged successfully and thereafter he shifted to lightweight where he fought Joseph Duffy and lost. His success was defined in the year 2011 when he won CWFC Featherweight and lightweight championships becoming the first American Mixed Martial Artist to grasp two championships titles at once in different divisions. In 2013, he signed one of the best contracts a multi-fight with UFC and his first debut challenge Marcus Brimage and carried the day.

The same year he had other two fights, and he emerged victorious in both of them. In 2014, he won against Diego Brandao and got his first ‘Performance of the Night award’. In September, the same year he came into an agreement with UFC which resulted to another multi-fight contract where the main challenger was Dustin Poirier and won earning him a second ‘Performance of the night ‘award for the second time. Subsequently, in 2015 he earned the ‘Performance of the Night award’ for the third time after winning against Dennis Siver at the UFC Fight Night 59. The same year he made history by having the fastest finished fight in the history of boxing and emerging as the 2nd UFC featherweight Champion who was undisputed and earned his 5th This earned ‘Performance of the night ‘award.

Conor had his first UFC loose when he faced Nate Diaz through a submission; this was his third loss since he started boxing. In spite of losing he was awarded a bonus of $1 million. Later on, in 2016, Conor had a second chance to nail down Diaz and emerged victorious under the Welterweight title at UFC 202 where he secured an award titled “fight of the night ‘honors. He also won the UFC Lightweight Championship in a contest between him and Eddie Alvarez. Finally, the most significant achievement in the Conor McGregor boxing career is his most recent fight against Mayweather just the other day which he lost as a result of the technical knockout.

Net Worth, Salary & Income

Conor McGregor net worth is $125 million. McGregor has earned his money through his professional career, but his life-changing fights were the last two in 2016 UFC 202 and UFC 205 where he defeated Nate Diaz and Eddie Alvarez earning him around $27 million. His fight with Mayweather its estimated that he earned around $75 million and endorsements deal with companies such as Monster Energy, Rolls Royce, Nike, Bud Light, have earned him around $7 million. As of today, Conor McGregor net worth is set to rise after he signed new deals with Beats by Dre and Anheuser-Busch.

We all know Conor McGregor especially from his recent fight with the undisputed, undefeated champion Mayweather. Today Conor has become famous sportsman both as a UFC and a mixed martial arts champion. However, despite his fame, there are some things which you might not know about him.

Here are 7 Things/facts about Conor McGregor that you probably don’t know

1. Do You Know that he was once a plumber? In a recent interview with Men’s Health McGregor revealed that just before he turned to be a professional in what he does today, he was a plumber. His father was the driving force into plumbing although the defiant Conor didn’t listen which is a good thing.

2. Bond Villain. McGregor was once offered an opportunity to be James Bond villain in one of James Bond films although he declined the proposal because he was busy preparing for a fight. We surely could have seen some punches right.

3. If you think that McGregor is the only champion in his home, then you’re wrong since the older sister Erin is an athlete too. She is a competitive bodybuilder.

4. Heard of shoes that need passports folks? Well, some of McGregor shoes need their own passports especially in some various states in America where they don’t allow choose or any items made from specific animal products and since McGregor loves his crocodile and python made shoes well, he has to carry a passport around for them.

5. He holds the trophy of being the man who delivered the second quickest KO in MMA history. The milestone came when he knocked down Paddy Doherty in just 3.5 seconds.

6. Talking of achievements, he holds the record for the most consecutive performance of the Night awards in the UFC history winning five awards.

7. Conor McGregor although he didn’t make it beat Mayweather he has made it to secure the fastest UFC title win in the history of UFC title fight victory. By defeating Jose Aldo in just 13 seconds for the featherweight championship, he registered his name in the books of history.

Conor McGregor success so far in boxing inspires a lot of young people who have boxing career dreams. He is a perfect example from rags to riches story character. Conor McGregor net worth at just age of 30 years is a real motivation, he is among the young and rich class in society, and for him, the sky is the limit.

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