Georges St Pierre Net Worth 2018

GSP or George St Pierre is a famous mixed martial artist who has skills in various wrestling games. You can see this person in the Ultimate Fighting Championship where he has given an immense contribution.

People can achieve anything with the help of hard work and dedication and he is the living example of that. He has not only started polishing himself from a very young age but has also concentrated on his student life. So let’s see how much net worth GSP has earned till 2018.

Early Life

Georges St Pierre Net Worth 2019
George St Pierre was born in the year 1981 in the month of May. He speaks French and is from the land of Saint Isidore which is in Quebec. At the beginning of his childhood days, he had to face many hardships because all the children who used to go school with him and used to steal all his money and clothes.

But he was a sports person and used to play skated, hockey and many other sports. When he was just 7 years old he started learning the Kyokushin Karate which was taught by his father as a defending act for the school bullying. It made him gain interest in Karate and then he started taking classes for boxing, wrestling, and Brazilian Jiu-jitsu.

When he was just 16 years old his teacher died. He has also worked as the bouncer in a nightclub named “Fuzzy Brossard” and then she took the profession of mixed martial artist. As his career was full of ups and down so he used to work as a garbage man for paying the school fees. When he was 21 years old he won the black belt for Kyokushin.

Professional Career

GSP started his career with UFC or the Ultimate Fighting Championship but he was defeated in that game but in another game, he defeated Jay Hieron and we won the Championship.

As now he was fighting against the professional and experienced fighters he groomed up himself and started defeating them. He was also awarded the title of being the second fighter who defeated Sherk.

This man has got many awards. He won the game of Technical submission and defeated Michelle Bisping in the year 2017. Then he used the decision split method for defeating the opponent Johny Hendricks in the event “UFC 167” in the year 2013.

He also defeated Nick Diaz in the game “UFC 158” by using the decision method in the year 2013. He kept on defeating opponents in the UFC battles and won renowned titles. But he lost the UFC 69 which he fought against Matt Serra in 2007.

Net worth of George St Pierre

Apart from having a bad childhood, he with his hard work and talent has gained huge dollars. According to the research he now owns a whopping amount of $200000 with an additional amount of $200000 which he won as a bonus. He has earned more amount from pay per view sales where he got $400000. Current estimated net worth of George St Pierre is about $34 million.

This UFC has earned him an amount of fortune. He has not only defeated many efficient players but has also got a huge amount of money from the fights. He is talented as well as he’s having jaw-dropping skills which he has developed from a young age.

He is considered to be one of the finest mixed martial artists. His fighting skills have brought a revolution in UFC and he was considered to be undefeatable.

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